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Living in India gave me ample opportunity to taste diversity in myriad ways. I lived a traveler’s life because my father was in the Air Force, which required us to constantly change cities. I have changed half a dozen schools before finally, graduating. This remains a fond and vivid experience where I lived with people from diverse cultural backgrounds ranging from the Kannada Brahmins of Southern India to the tribal people of Nagaland in Far East. Adventure sports in the Himalayan range coupled with the camel rides in Thar desert and folk music in my colorful home state of Rajasthan has diversified my experiences. This has contributed to my aesthetic growth and come in handy as I use ...view middle of the document...

My elder brother has had a deep influence on my life and is still my biggest source of inspiration. I follow in his footsteps as he has excelled in academics and other activities. He studied at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur during his undergraduate years. This gave me the opportunity to visit the premier engineering institution twice even before I graduated from school. I visited research labs and met professors. This helped me make the important decision to pursue a career in interdisciplinary research.
The most devastating incident of my life was my elder brother’s death. He was probably the kindest human being I will ever know. He gave up lucrative job offers to pursue his unconventional dream of serving humanity, bringing equality, and promoting peace through technology. After arduously working for over four years on his ‘Online Dream World’ software, as he was coming home to register his company, he was kidnapped, robbed and murdered. Everything happened so suddenly that we were still in shock. It was the same week I took my GRE and three weeks before my TOEFL. That was the turning point of my life; it would never be the same.

The happiness of seeing him work hard on his start-up project was so short-lived. I took my exams while my family and I simultaneously fought for justice to be brought to him. Being sensitive to the needs of others helped me understand the situation but made me weak in testing times. Performing well in academics and projects in such hard times reinforced my decision of taking up research for my coming life. I meditate and play outdoor sports like cricket and football to keep myself mentally,...

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