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Diversity Training Essay

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Table of ContentsI Diversity DefinedII Diversity ManagementIII Needs Assessment for Diversity Traininga) Diversity Assessmentb) Diversity PlanIV Approaches to Diversity TrainingV Diversity TrainingVI Pitfalls in Diversity Training ProgramsVII Diversity Training and TeamworkVIII ConclusionDIVERSITY TRAININGAbstractDiversity has been a favorite discussion topic in many businesses and all over the world. Diversity training is a concern that faces managers today. These programs have been designed to improve the rapport among people who work together. Despite the best purpose, some diversity training programs create the reverse effect.This research will explain the necessary steps needed to develop more effective diversity training programs that reflects the values of the organization and the people who make it up. Diversity training programs should be planned and approached with vigilance. These training programs must be explained before imposing a set of values about how people should behave and react to other people, be it in groups or individually.Also, the fundamental understanding of diversity, diversity training, needs assessment, approaches to diversity training, weakness, teamwork and the finale will include my personal perception of diversity.Diversity TrainingDiversity is not only black and white, female and male, homosexual and heterosexual, Jew and Christian, young and old, etc.: but the diversity of every individual, slow learner and fast learner, introvert and extrovert, controlling type and people type, scholar and sports-person, liberal and conservative, etc. Although it includes gender and racial differences, it goes beyond that to touch on the fabric of our everyday lives (Big Dog's Leadership Page, 2001, p.1).Diversity DefinedDiversity refers to distinctiveness that contours the identities and understanding of individuals in society. For Human Resource Managers diversity is very important and becoming a very serious issue, drawing increasing interest and controversy. Diversity empowers employees and makes organization effective by capitalizing on all the strengths of each employee.Diversity is a part of building a future for individuals, the company and our communities. Diversity improves the working environment and unlocks new ideas, unique perspectives and different people from different backgrounds. Eventually, practicing diversity eliminates barriers to productivity and contributes directly to business goals (Texas Instrument, 2004, p.1).Diversity can give us a definite edge in the working environment and in our daily living. When properly managed, diversity motivates the ability of all employees to add to that success, and give them confidence to draw completely on the talents, different points of view, skills and practices that assist both the individual and the organization. When the organization constructs a diversity initiative that encompasses their vision, planned objectives and communication programs, they will more...

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