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Diversity...What Is That? Essay

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What is diversity? Diversity is when you have a group of different races and cultures come together in one setting. I think that diversity is something that everyone should be introduced to at some point of his or her life. Diversity is a concept that has played a very important role in my life, especially growing up in a community that wasn’t very diverse and switching to a community that school system embraced diversity to the fullest. By having diversity introduced into my life though out my high school years I was able to expect change as an good thing and realize that race is a physical trait and doesn’t make you who you are, delvop an new thought process and new views and I was able to comfortably interact with people different from myself and make new friends.
When I was growing up I spend a lot time with my family and the local kids that grew up on my street and I grew up in a small city that was mostly populated with African Americans or blacks; there was barely any whites or any other race. So in a sense you can say that that was all I knew growing up. Although we grew up doing a lot of different activities like dance and music lessons I was always surrounded with family and kids that were the same as me. When I was younger I remember seeing other kids that were different then me but I never spoke to them and in a sense kept my distance from them. From the time I started school and though out middle school I was in school with the people I knew even though there was other races (mostly white) we never really mixed the two groups. There was a since of separation between the two and I never thought that this was a problem.
When I entered into high school my mother had decided to move to a new city. On the first day I walked into the school and instantly felt a since of discomfort because there were so many people and a lot of them were different from me. In the beginning I was quiet and really reserved because I felt out of my comfort zone. I walked into class and everyone was interacting like they were all the same, I didn’t understand. As time went by I stayed to myself not really interacting with anyone, when people that was of a different race would approach me I would just stare because I didn’t know what to say....

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