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Diversity Within School Essay

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Diversity is one of the biggest problems that we face today in our society. We face diversity everywhere we go, whether it be at school, at work, at a place we like to be to relax, or at church where we associate not only with our race but other races of different backgrounds and culture. Sometimes diversity is not taken so lightly by many people. As for myself I had to face diversity for four years of my life. This took place within the high school I attended. For a young women growing up this made me feel very uncomfortable going to school everyday. The school consisted of three floors in which students of different culture, race, and gender background stayed and spent time to get a better education.In today's society diversity isn't taken so lightly by many people because of the negativity everyone has for each other, their hatred toward other cultures, and simply because their not of the same background or origin. Events such as wars, political interventions, and social and religious gatherings, has triggered diversity to occur in our society. Also diversity has been around since many groups of immigrants have come to the United States to live a richer life. Many people came to the United States to escape poverty and also to live freely. The result of diversity has turned many people racist with one another because of conflicts with their skin color, ethnic groups or backgrounds, and specially their culture. On the other hand, people look at things different than others and see it in two different aspects good or bad. Diversity is defined as "the point in which things are different", (Source: in this case "we are all different."As for me I dreaded going to school everyday, I constantly felt like I was an outcast. Many people made fun of me because of what I was wearing, I had no friends, I hardly associated with anyone that was of the same or different background as me, and when lunch time came around I sat in the corner of the cafeteria. This was all because everyone felt...

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