Diversity Within Commonality Essay

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“Though economic analysis and general reasoning is of wide application, yet every age and every country has its own problems; and every change in social conditions is likely to require a new development of economic doctrines.” Alfred Marshall remarked at the end of the chapter on Economic generalizations or laws in his book Principles of Economics. Orthodox economists have a tendency to approach economic problems by over generalizing or simplifying diverse economic variables. Thus, generalization undermines understanding from inside; such understanding of variables is the very base of social sciences.

Nothing can substantiate my argument better, than what I saw at the Beneski Natural History museum in Amherst College. This was my first visit to a museum in the United States of America but, I was confident that this museum would give me a story. A museum, no matter how big or small, popular or not so popular, will always help the visitor understand the art of seeing. As I walked through the museum, it seemed like I was in a dialogue with every single exhibit in the museum, they all had a story of their own to tell me and were waiting for me to approach them. However, there was one exhibit, which was of special interest to me. Mounted on a wall; it was fossil mammal from western North America. I looked at the information bulletin next to the exhibit, it read as follows: “Similar Anatomy, Different Ancestry. The wall in front of you exhibits fossil mammal from western North America. These fossils have similar morphological features as the modern mammal groups but, the extinct mammal groups do not share a common lineage with similar looking modern mammal groups.” Thus, began my quest to unearth the rationality behind economic theories that generalize economic variables, which...

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