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Divesity: An Integral Part Of A Multinational Organization

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Diversity has yet to be clearly defined, but it is an integral part of a multinational organization. In the high-paced world that is thriving today, a company must inhabit all areas of diversity from the people they employ to the way they communicate to further their growth over a diversity of lands. The multinational companies of the hotel industry are constantly competing with one another to develop innovative ideas that will uphold a diverse world. Many hotel corporations have just begun to develop a diversity team. Within this team, members must focus on improving global communication, philanthropy efforts with non-profit organizations and instilling a diverse workforce to help promote its company as a leading diverse hotel. A company that has displayed this well is Marriott International.
Marriott International is led by, J.W. (Bill) Marriott Jr. and his commitment to making his hotels visibly appealing to his diverse marketplace has enabled Marriott International to become the leading participant of diversity efforts in the hotel industry. Marriott continues to be an influential leader to not only his employees, but also the customers he invites to take part on his hospitality adventure. His efforts, and that of his employees, have landed the multinational company on the seventh spot on DiversityInc’s top 50 organizations. Marriott International was placed so highly on the list, because of their overwhelming commitment to culturally skilled customer service, and outstanding, “support of women, Black, Latino, Asian and American Indian franchisees and suppliers” (DiversityInc, 2010).
The company hires a diverse group of employee’s ranging over many demographics to mirror its global marketplace. Along with a diverse work force, Marriott has mandatory diversity training to develop its employees in an openly diverse community. Along with diversity training, the company has generational training to further the diverse expertise that the organization already inhabits. The innovative diversity tactics do not stop internally, yet travel throughout many other windows to promote and exude the company’s strong ideal of maintaining an organization rich in diversity.
Hilton Worldwide is another hotel organization that is becoming aware of its diverse marketplace. Although, Hilton Worldwide has put forth motives to develop a company that is successful through its diversity they have just began on their journey. In a recent news article found on, Hilton announced its new appointment of Michael C. Ford as Vice President, Global Diversity and Jennifer L. Silberman, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility. Ford will use his new position to further the development of a culturally diverse company the growth of the business to expand across the world. Silberman’s sole responsibilities will include the planning, execution and development efforts to cover employee participation through philanthropic and volunteerism...

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