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The Great War, a conflict which was planted by our ancestors when they jubilantly relinquished their roots from their ancestral primates; becoming Homosapiens (the scientifically correct term for a modern human) they engaged in a battle between the sexes, lasting a little over two millennium, never inkling the tangent of resolution, nor wandering into the vicinity of conclusion, and most probably, never will. Humanity, obsessed with the divide of genders, has even coined its own axiom: “Women are from Venus” and “Men are from Mars”, alluding to whirlwind of rampant violence, yet less woeful Romeo and Juliet-like myths of the Roman-stolen from the Greeks-deities, Aphrodite (Venus), goddess of love and beauty, and her relationship with her half-brother/lover Ares (Mars), the god of war. Jiles’s minimalist, though intricate “Paper Matches” and Tweedie’s whimsical “The Tribe that Lost its Way” complement each other through their similar themes and representation of the sexes, exploring the great gender divide.

The Gender Gap, the discrepancy in opportunities, attitudes and appearance etc., between men and women, has been predominate in all civilizations, though some more than others. The Western tradition, which stems from the Greco-Roman or Classical culture, excluding the city state of Sparta, a violent militaristic culture and the Amazonians, a legendary race of female warriors, followed by tyrannical, violent Dark (Middle) Ages, dictates that women are to take domestic roles of mothers, nurses or passive roles that contribute to society. In the beginning of “Paper Matches” the speaker, a young woman contradictory to apparent traditional roles questions her aunts as they “washed dishes”(1), a symbol for household duties, which also demonstrates the speaker despises the domestic categories women have been forced into. Contrasting to the women completing a chore, the men, in this case, the uncles are seen recreating a battle-like scenario by “Squirt(ing) each other on the lawn/ with Garden hoses”(3). This is primal nature, which is explained in Tweedie’s “The Tribe that Lost its Way” states: “Are learning the skills and...

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