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Divided America Essay

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When looking at the United States as a whole, and reading the text of Putnam and Campbell, it is plain to see that there exists both a negative and positive view of religion that both divides and unites Americans. Not only does there exist this type of dichotomy, but the potential for great good and even greater evil when it comes to the usage of religion. As we will see, religion has a way of mending communities or being an active force for dividing and separating those who live in the same neighborhood, state, or country.
The first concept we must look at are the divisive and separating factors that lead to a negative approach to religion and the United States. For the most part, most ...view middle of the document...

How do we make the United States a secular country, when the law and policy writers come from religious backgrounds which enforce a certain type of moralistic law? Biases must be had due to the fact that upbringing and religious belief define your moralistic values, approaches, and outcomes. This causes a clash between the secular and religious approaches to United States life. Both sides view one another as selfish and intolerant as well. This makes for hard communication between the two sides for there exists a level of animosity and disapproval for one another.
It can be so confusing bad, tension wise, as that there exists a level of disapproval within each particular faith. For instance, Christianity is home to a wide-range of various sects, organizations, and denominations. The division between the various groups within Christianity becomes apparent when elections come around. When Mitt Romney was running for President, we saw a backlash from the evangelical group within Christianity because Romney is a Mormon. Even though both groups are considered Christian, they don’t tend to agree with one another and to the point that many evangelicals wouldn’t vote for another Christian, regardless if there exists continuity to their beliefs.
For me personally, I have seen a lot of division in religion. The world as a whole is divided on what is right and what is wrong. We can look at America as a small representation or study of what is going on globally. The most common and well-known dichotomy that exists within the United States is between Islam and Christianity. There have been countless clashes between the two in the United States. For the most part, it is evangelicals calling out or preaching about the fundamentalist approach to Islam that represents a small minority of that religion. The ironic part about this is that those evangelicals are fundamentalist as well. So we have a group of fundamentalist Christians attacking a non-fundamentalist group of Muslims, for the majority of the time.
One quick story comes to mind to finish off this topic of division in America. I was once walking in a parking lot at a local Sprouts grocery store when I noticed that a Sikh was walking out of the store with his turban on and a handful of groceries in one hand. I then immediately noticed a couple exiting their vehicle in the same parking lot with a “Not of this World” sticker on the back of their car (this represented to me at the time that they were Christian). The man then grabbed his girlfriend or wife, pointed at the Sikh, and exclaimed “Look honey, it is a God-Dammed terrorist”. My immediate reaction was to laugh at the situation because it seemed both inaccurate of the situation and unintelligent action. Then it made me wonder about the actual feelings that some have for other faiths, regardless of what they say is completely wrong and inaccurate. The perception and ideological approach to other people’s faiths can be a detriment to society as...

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