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The United States is a country formed of different races. Each of these races became part of the country in different times. The European settlers were the ones to first come to the US. Those lands were the start of the wealth and history of the United States. For centuries, that wealth was handled by the White people. Many conflicts and wars had to take place so that all the races were considered equal, but could that really be true? History-based “viewed through the lens of wealth, reveals a consistent pattern of race-based obstacles” between nonwhites and whites (Lui 2004). These racial groups are finding their way in the country, but they are still divided by the racial wealth gap.
There are several differences in the story of the United States as to how each race came to belong to the country. When the European settlers first stablished here, they took over the land with violence. As described by Meizu Lui, the ideology was“that parcels of land should be owned by individuals and used to generate private profit” (2004). These ideas became more evident after the American Revolution. Treaties were being signed to help the Native Americans assimilate white culture. It was a trap to steal more of their lands. Their remaining tribal culture was nearly wiped. They were left without their culture and the opportunity of a better life.
The African Americans did not have it easier either. When they first came to the US, they were slaves. For their owners, they were nothing more but another assett to be bought or sold. They were treated worse than animals. Their opportunity for liberty, and starting a new life came after the Civil War. Meizu Lui stated: “In the first few years, the Freedmen’s Bureau and the occupying Union army actually began to distribute land to newly freed slaves” (2004). This Bueau dissapeared after only seven years. They had to work in a sharecropping arrangements without any form to make assetts for themselves. Laws were passed to make them separate but equal under the law. A few African americans founded banks.Finally, they were making their own profit. This did not last long when the Depression hit. White people were getting deals to pay their debts and mortgages. African Americans remained in debt and segregation still exists today.
After the indepence of different nations in Central and South, the relationship called of “push and...

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