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Divorce Essay

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Divorce is viewed differently by many people. Sometimes this is due to experiences, what others have said, or looking at studies that are not always accurate. However, not everyone can have the same views about marriage ending in divorce. In the article, “No Easy Answers: Why the Popular View of Divorce Is Wrong” by Constance Ahrons she shows her view on divorce. Ahrons believes that divorce does not have long-lasting damaging effects on children (65). Divorce can affect children in the family but the way the decisions are made is what will change the way the kids are influenced.
First of all, opposing viewpoints say that divorce can cause the child to feel like their life is not going to be the same. In contrast, this is not a highly supported statement. One thing that is commonly stated about divorce is, once two married parents with children decide to divorce, that they are no longer a family (66). Although, they may not be living together in the same house it does not mean they are still not a family. No matter what, the parents will always be linked to each other because of the children. Is that not the definition of a family? In addition, assumptions are made that if people are married with kids that they are an ideal family This is not the case, if the marriage is not working out and is only causing problems amongst the parents and kids than that is not considered a family either. Divorce does not cause children to lose their family, if anything it helps to fix them. Moreover, people say that kids feel like their life will have to change drastically because; they will have to lose one of their parents. Divorce does not mean that the children will drop a relationship with one of their parents. Some divorces may be like this but, not all of them are; some divorces can be “good divorces” (64). Good divorces can allow the kids to keep an equal bond with both parents and each of side of the extended families. This way the children will not lose either parent (64). Many people hardly hear of divorces going well, usually only what is heard is about bad divorces. There is no real answer to the question, are there long-lasting damaging effects on children. This is because the effects that divorce may have is based on the decisions and choices made by the parents. The way that it is handled will overall be the outcome on how the kids are shaped in their lives. Also, another reason people say that children feel their lives are going to change, is due to the fact that they feel like they have to grow up quicker than other kids their age. In the opposing side of the article by Elizabeth Marquardt she states their “being forced to grow up more quickly than one’s peers” (60). In some ways this is true but, on the other hand this is not always a bad affect on children. Divorce can actually have a positive affect on some by showing them how to be strong and that they can get over obstacles since more will come their way in life. Depending on the way...

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