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Divorce Affects Children In Three Ways

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Divorce rates in the United States have become extremely high and students everywhere are victims of divorce. But what effect does divorce have on children? Divorce affects the children in three ways. These three ways include emotionally, physically and academically.
The first area that affects children of divorce is the emotional aspect. One of the emotional changes seen in students is that they lash out more verbally. In other words they become more argumentative. Frequently this is seen in the way that respond to their parents. Often times these Incidents occur when one or the other of the parents is dealing with a discipline issue. Another place this aggression can be seen is at school. It occurs when a teacher asks about missing or incomplete assignments and the student may talk back in a very aggressive loud way. Not only does this aggression occur with teachers ...view middle of the document...

This can be first be seen in how children of divorce parents relate to each other. They became to take hits at each other for minor disagreements. One example is who's turn it is to do dishes, take out garbage, or vacuum. Siblings of divorced parents instead of talking through whose turn it is to do chores are more likely to physically fight about who's turn it is. Children of divorced parents also change their behaviors when they are hanging out with friends. A discussion about something as simple as going to a movie may end up as them getting in to physical blows as in hitting each other. Children of divorce become more aggressive as they play in sports, they become too aggressive against another team, they start to foul them hard, and take cheap blows at them. They start getting to the point where coaches must take them out of the game because they got to aggressive towards the opposing team.
The last effect in children of divorcing parents is the academic failure. As a result of the parents getting a divorce, the child may stop becoming a good student and slide more towards the slacking behavior. They may stop participating in class and in group work, even passing time chatting with friends instead of doing school work. Sometimes students do this because they feel they can get even with their parents who are divorcing.They feel their parents should not be getting divorced. It changes all aspects of the children’s lives. And often children don’t believe their parents have had any consideration for them in the decision to divorce. Children also sometimes feel they are the cause of their parents decision to divorce. This results in the students decision to get an F in classes. The student hopes this failing academic behavior will awaken the parents to his or her needs instead of the parents thinking about only themselves.
Through out this discussion the reader has seen the effects of divorce on children. These effects are primarily shown in three areas of the childrens lives. These three areas are emotionally, physically, and academically.

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