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Divorce And Extra Marital Affairs From A Child's Point Of View

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This week, I attended a D.C. Collaborative Law Group meeting. Our guest speaker, Dr. Debra Nackman provided suggestions on how clients might think about extra-marital affairs and divorce, from the child’s point of view. Prior to attending this talk, I assumed that the issue of the affair should never be raised or discussed with the children. However, Dr. Nackman suggested that in many situations the children are going to find out about it. They may hear rumors in the community, overhear the parents talking with each other or with friends, or simply figure it out. In those circumstances, the children may benefit by learning about the affair from the parents. When should this subject be approached with children? How should the parents approach it? Dr. Nackman offered some guidelines. While I recommend that families work with a conflict coach or child specialist to develop the best approach for each family, these guidelines may assist the ...view middle of the document...

-Restrict the role of the child. Just because the child learns something about the affair, the child should not be a confident for a parent. The parents need to have adult support through adult friends, professionals or family members, not the parents’ children.

-Reduce negativity. As in most circumstances, parents should not portray themselves as the victim or the other parent as the villain. They should avoid talking negatively about the other parent.

-Support the child’s relationships. Validate and support the child’s relationship with both parents.

-Consider the children’s age. Very young children will need very little, if any information. Older children may need more. Tailor your conversations to the children’s ages.

-Accept responsibility. The parent who is engaged in the affair may need to accept and community responsibility for their part in the affair. The other parent should take responsibility for their own wellbeing and assure the children that they will be okay.

-Allow for feelings. The children will have feelings. Those feelings may be strong and negative. The parents should not try to talk the children out of their feelings but at the same time, they should not add fuel to the fire.

-Delay introducing the new relationship. The parent in the new relationship should put that relationship on the back burner for six months to a year to allow the children to become the priority and work on establishing a new normal with the parent children relationships.

-Allow for differences. Kids will move on differently. Be open to that and to the expectations and needs that the children may have.

If you are in the process of a separation and have questions on how to talk to your child about that or about an affair, you may want to meet with a mental health professional or a conflict coach to help you and your partner figure out how to best guide your child through this difficult process. If you are considering separation or divorce and would like to meet with me to discuss mediation or collaborative law, please contact me and I will be happy to provide you with information about how these processes may minimize the damage to your children when you are divorcing.

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