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Divorce And The Decline Of Morality

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As America's divorce rate continues to skyrocket, it seems that morality continues to
plummet. Approximately sixty-five percent of all marriages in America end in divorce, and this
number does not seem to be declining any time soon. Are we creating a new generation "Y" of
single parents? Is a broken home the wave of the future? If Americans don't get a grip on
morality, this will surely be the case.
It is not possible to pinpoint exactly why America's divorce rate is so high, much higher
than that of previous decades. There are so many issues today that contribute to divorce than had
existed in the past. Take teen pregnancy, for instance. It is alarming that so many of our children
are having children themselves. They feel they must get married at fifteen and sixteen because it is
what's right for the baby. Needless to say, most teen marriages under these circumstances usually
end in divorce. What kind of life is this for a child? What kind of values will they learn from their
parents example? According to Stuart Shepard, staff writer for Focus on the Family, "divorce
tears down our moral and social responsibility to our children. They see marriages as if things
don't work out, you can just leave and not work it out" (Shepard np). Adult children of divorced
families are three times more likely to get divorced than adult children raised with both parents in
the home (Markman 128). This negative pattern of divorce is one that could go on for
generations if Americans are not willing to slow down their rate of divorce.
Another contributing factor is the fact that divorce is much more accepted by society as a
whole. Even though a lot of American's are attempting to establish more traditional moral
standards for themselves, they are much more acceptable of other's actions (Zachary 1). And
while many Americans claim to not practice or justify infidelity, it still remains the number one
cause of divorce (Treas 51). American's no longer have the fear of being shunned from society
after a messy divorce. When my mother's parents divorced in 1965, they had to leave their
neighborhood. The entire family was exiled from its catholic church where they were faithful
members, and suddenly my grandmother couldn't find a bridge partner in the entire town. I don't
feel that couples who get divorced should be treated as if they have the plague. On the other
hand, our society's nonchalant acceptance of divorce makes it seem as if marriage is not meant to
be a permanent situation for most. Many more couples live together prior to marriage than in the
past (an approximate increase of more than 60%) and these couples are less likely to stay married,
probably due to the fact that they are less conservative about marriage and divorce in the first
place (Stanley 57). It is this less conservative approach that dooms America's marital future.

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