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Divorce: Effects And Solutions Essay

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Divorce: Effects and Solutions What is divorce? Is divorce separation from parents, or is it alsodivorce from your children? People think divorce is separation betweenadults but children play a major role in divorce as well. What happensto them? How do they overcome it? The reason why people keepdivorcing today is probably because they think its the thing to do, ormaybe because their parents divorced when they were little, and so onand so on. The struggles between parents and children that still existtoday, must be overcome in order to develop a stronger bond andrelationship between them, as seen in the novel "Independence Day",by Richard Ford. The statistics on people who divorce is just tremendous. Eachyear, at least one-million children will suffer from their parents divorce.More over half the children born in Wedlock this year, will see theirparents divorce by their eighteenth birthday. "Some who divorce thinkit will make them happier. But people who are depressed and anxiousoften attribute that to a bad marriage. Then they get divorced andcarry it with them." ( Kary, 26 ) Divorce generally reduces Martinez 2 the income of the child's primary household and seriously diminishesthe potential of every household member to accumulate wealth.Families that were not poor before the divorce, the income can dropas much as fifty percent. Divorce is a relevant factor in an abusedchild's background. Child abuse is closely related to delinquency andviolent crime. Divorce increases the factors that children will abusealcohol and begin using drugs. Divorce also impedes learning bydisturbing productive study patterns, as children are forced to movebetween domiciles, by increasing anxiety and depression in both parentsand children. The effects of divorce are very devastating. Parents don't onlydivorce each other, they in effect divorce or partially divorce theirchildren. Divorced mothers are less able than married mothers to givethe same level of emotional support to their children. Divorced fathersare less likely to have a close relationship with their children. Theyounger the children are at the time of the divorce, the more likelythe father is to drift away from regular contact with them. Just like inthe novel that I read by Richard Ford. How he got divorced and isnow trying to give his son some attention to try to get him out of Martinez 3trouble. "When I got divorced, I was sure things had all happenedto me and that I hadn't really acted and was probably a coward and at least an idiot. Who knows if I was right? But I made one promiseto myself. I'd never complain and try to do my best, mistakes andall. And I've kept my promise." ( Ford,...

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