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Divorce In America Essay

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Commit to Your VowsMarriage is a legal binding that brings two people who not only love one another unconditionally, but in most occasions, want to make a family as well. Marriage is played off to be wonderful and effortless but the honest reality is that many people get divorces and not only does it effect them but it also causes plenty of the issues within our society.The Bible states that, "Judaism traditionally considers marriage to be the ideal state of personal existance. A man without a wife, a woman without a husband, is considered incomplete." Divorce though, is mentioned as, "The dissolution of a marriage contract between a man and a woman, by the judgement of a court of competent jurisdiction. Not till a signing of the divorce is made, can either people treat one another as sole, even if a marriage is utterly null and void for some preexisting cause. A decree of divorce must also be made during the lifetime of both people.There are multiple complications that occur when two individuals unite together as one for the wrong reasons. Such as, benifits of money, becomming a legal citizen of the country, not being able to differentiate lust from love, and the list goes on.To actually be in love with someone unconditionally when making the commitment to vowing one anothers love is by actually being able to love that person without any reguards as to the decisions or flaws that person my obtain. In addition to that, loving someone unconditionally is to test their entire well being. Marriage is a consant task on ones self control, patience, trust, integrity, communication skills, selflessness, and most importantly, the persons desire to remain faithful and loyal. This is all what will come to the conclusion of the worthiness of the love being given betweeen both people.Peoples view of marriage is a large ceremony with long rows of chairs and large tables full of fancy decorations and expensive gadgets. It's their way of showing their so called "love" to everyone celebrating with you. Society has become too enthused with the rewards of marriage, that we have yet to flawlessly see its honest and truest meaning and commitment that follows along with it.When making the vows to one another during the marriage ceremony, those two people have vowed to remain together for the rest of their lives. Not only is this an ever lasting commitment to one another but they also make the swear to love one another and never give up, lose hope, or let anything come imbetween them. They are promising to work through any misunderstandings or curve balls that may be aimed in their direction, without allowing the inconvenience cause a barrier between on anotherThe commitment made when joining two people together in Holy Matramony is taken too lightley and not nearly as serious as it should be in most cases these days. The vows meanings and intensity has been lost over time and after people being married multiple times, it becomes questionable as to whether that person...

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