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Divorce In The Lives’ Of Children

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Divorce is becoming increasingly common among couples in today’s time. It is sad to know that most cases of divorce involve children. Divorce affects the parents but it affects the children much more. Divorce impacts kids greatly, often causing depression, rebellion, or inspiration/motivation, to develop and potentially end up a permanent aspect in their lives.
When two parents decide to divorce, their children acquire a really tough pill to swallow. The thought of one’s mom and dad not being together anymore and living with just one of them could potentially cause drastic changes in his or her person. The whole concept of divorce makes it tough on the parents as well. Because of the way in which children are affected, the parents face potential relationship struggles with their children. Research has been done and the effects of divorce differ depending on the current age and stage of life of the children. (Oesterreich) Regardless of the age, many children feels as if somehow the divorce was their fault. Also hoping to save the marriage, some kids strive to improve their behavior.
Another commonality of children dealing with divorce is that of rebellion. One might lose respect for either one or both of their parents, acquire a hatred or disliking towards them or, act out to get attention, having not had any, due to the significance of the divorce. Everything that the child used to do, may come to a stop, and the opposite to a start. Not only do the parents face the rebellion of their children, often times friends, teachers, the law, or coaches end up included as well. Rebelling kids often get themselves into trouble. Drug habits become increasingly probable along with criminal behavior and sometimes sexual participation. “Teenagers with divorced parents are 50 percent more likely to drink alcohol than those with married parents”. (Moses) More often than not, when these behaviors are practiced the kids have kept in mind, “My parents put me through hell, so now it’s my turn to put them through it”. At the same time most kids start to become reckless with their lives and not care what happens to them as long as their parents pay. Occasionally the kid deep down inside knows what they are doing is wrong, but feel that justice can only be served by rebelling and expressing their anger, taking it out on their parents. (Oesterreich)
Depression—another of divorces most common consequences. The child may drive their pain inside and withdraw. (Oesterreich) Kids may feel that their parents don’t love them anymore. In their minds, if their parents don’t love them, then that must mean nobody else does either. Signs of depression aren’t always noticeable but most of the time they are. Signs tend to include, keeping to one’s self in solitude, always having their head down avoiding any form of contact with other individuals, and sometimes self-harm. All communication with the parents might be ended as part of being alone. If the kid was...

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