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5 March 2002Divorce in the New MillenniumA wedding is a public ceremony that announces to family and friends that love has blossomed between two sweethearts and their commitment to each other is eternal. This fairy tale definition is not a realistic trend of our time. When considered the inverse action of marriage is divorce, the dreams of a loving relationship are dashed on the rocks of despair and rejection. Divorce tears at the very tapestry of our lives because it alienates children from their parents, prevents growing maturity in married couples and generates a negative industry that supports greed and blame.Children are deeply affected by the increase of divorce in our society and those whose parents are still married know the calamity of this menace. The response of a seven-year-old boy when asked, "Do you know what divorce means?" Convinced I would have to give him the meaning, he quickly responded, "Yes." Then he proceeded to tell me his Aunt is divorced and his cousins have felt the sadness of Dad not living at home any more. Children in a one parent family are the norm by today's standards, and with all the social pitfalls in a child's life having only one parent to train and support them is at best, half of what they really need for survival. Living six months with Mom and another six months with Dad would only help support a confused, troubled, character development in the heart of the young child. Now some divorces have worked out quite well. Mom and Dad are not fighting anymore and there maybe a wonderful home life, but these are the lucky ones. In many cases Dad or Mom met someone, thenremarried again to put the children's lives in constant competition for time between the resident parent and the new love affair. This type of arrangement is destined to be the downfall for divorce kids. As the children grow up believing their resident parent has substituted their love for this new partner, jealousy and resentment become key ingredients in the parent child relationship. Often, too soon, the children leave home to begin their lives with all this excessive baggage of emotional turmoil only to start this process all over again in their own lives. Then the ones who stay home look for ways to dull the pain of their heartache and suffering, using drugs, alcohol and sex to pacify their endless grieving. These tools of social derogation only serve to bring down the value of these troubled young people and make their lives a miserable tangled mesh of mixed emotions and unbalance judgements.Divorce is an instrument of death used in our society to prevent couples from taking a good hard look at their lives and seeing the need to strive for new levels of maturity in their marriage. Not only are older children of divorce using drugs and alcohol to ease the pain of this cancer of family unity, Mom and Dad are favoring drinking and smoking at alarming rates. At the beginning of their journey, divorce is the furthest thing from their minds as they...

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