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Divorce Is An American Family Tragedy

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In America today, one of our main life goals is to marry the person we fall in love with, live happily ever after, and skip gleefully away to live the American dream. In most cases, after marriage then comes children which starts a family. This has been a part of human nature since the beginning. Marriage and family are the backbone of our culture. Families need each other for support, dependence, learning, love, encouragement, and ultimately survival. Parents are the ones that supply these needs, meanwhile supplying their own needs by depending on each other for love and support. Only the two of them can give this support because of what they are to each other, husband and wife. When two people get married, they are obviously in love and feel that they want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. They make the ultimate commitment to love one another and one another only, forsaking all others til death do they part.

So if this is such an important part of our culture and we have such high goals to get married, then why do 40% of marriages end in divorce? Why does America have the highest divorce rate in the world? What makes couple who previously had fallen madly in love fall out of love and into divorce? What are the main causes of divorce and what are some of the warning signs that you, if you are married or soon to be married should be award of if you do not want your marriage to fail and become one of the statistics?

There are many reasons people divorce and there are always very unique circumstances around certain divorces. According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census taken in 1992, younger people are marrying for the first time and only about 50-60% of these couples? marriages are surviving. That means that nearly 50% of all marriages will end in divorce. Of first marriages that end in divorce, many end in the first 3-5 years of marriage. These are very disturbing facts about marriage that every couple has to realize and not ignore. The way our culture views divorce makes matters worse. The view has progressed, or should I say regressed, from more of a conservative view of something you just do not do to more of a liberal view of ?Hey, if you?re not happy, forget it, find someone else - take the easy way out.? Nearly half the population is doing what you are doing anyway, so what?s the big deal? This warped view of divorce just makes it easier to throw in the towel. However, this is not the root of what causes divorce, it is just makes it an easy alternative.

In a survey taken by Stanley and Mark Mann (1997), the one thing that couples argue about most is money. This survey coincides with many national surveys that agree the number one reason for arguments within a marriage is money. These surveys point out that over half of all marriage problems that eventually lead to divorce are centered around money. You might say that if a couple loves each other, money should not be an issue, but we all know...

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