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Divorce: A Blight On The American People.

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I want the things I had beforeLike a Star Wars Poster on my bedroom doorI wish I could count to tenMake everything be wonderful againHope my mom and I hope my dadWill figure out why they get so madHear them scream I hear them fightSay bad words that make me wanna cry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I don't wanna hear you sayThat I will understand someday[ . . .]And I don't wanna your meet friendsAnd I don't wanna start over againI just want my life to be the sameJust like it used to be.Somedays I hate everythingEveryone and everything (6-14, 47-54)These lyrics are by well-known artist Everclear from their multi-platinum hit song "Wonderful." Its popularity can be attributed to one thing: the emphathising of millions of children whose lives are also being or have been ripped apart by divorce.Divorce is defined as"the termination of marrage by legal action" (Hill 1). Currently forty-eight states have "no fault" divorce laws on th books, which means a marriage can be dissolved based on merely "incompatibility or irreconcilable differences" (Hill 2). After the sweeping divorce law reforms of the 1960's, divorce rates have jumped twenty five percent (qtd. in "Why Divorce Rates Have Increased" 1). The group that has shown the most increase are families with children (qtd. in "Why Divorce Rates Have Increased" 1), and it is these children who are suffering the most. Supporters of the current laws claim that that no fault divorce grants more personal freedom, but at what cost? The fact is, no fault divorce is weakening the bonds of marrage, harming children, and even harming society as well. Marrage, which has helped to raise children for centuries, is being dissolved with diasterous effects.The devaluation of marrage is a great threat to society. According to recent statistics from the Council on Families in America, approximately 60% of marrages today will end in divorce (2). That means that those who stay married for life will be in the minority. As Robert Plunkett eloquently states in his essay "Vow for Vow":What is this thing we currently call "marrage"? Most wedding ceremonies still contain the requsite language about "forsaking all others" remaining together "for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health [. . .]." But these words have no basis in reality. Under current law the bride and groom are in fact promising to be husband and wife only until one of them doesn't want to anymore.. The lifetime commitment that defined marrage is gone. (2)Judge Randall Heckman, President of the Michigan Family Forum, has also said that "It is easier to divorce my wife of twenty-six years than to fire someone I hired one week ago. The person I hire one week ago has more legal clout [. . .] than my wife of twenty-six years. That's wrong" (qtd in "Favorite Quotes" 1)People today are also less likely to get married then their predesessors (CoFiA 2). And if they do get married, they are also more likely to have an unhappy marrage...

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