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Divorce Prevention Essay

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Divorce Preventions

Marriage is not something rarely seen nowadays. Populates who have a decent relationship, estimated to continue their relationship to a marriage. However, in the time marriage rate increasing, the increment of divorce rate cannot be avoided. More than a half of all marriages will end with divorcement. (Echols, 2010). Divorce occurs likely because of platonic relationship and poor communication. This essay will examine those problems which cause divorce, and offer three reasonable solutions to prevent divorcement in the community. Also, try to evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions.
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Poor communication mostly arises when one or both of couple being selfish, or it can also be triggered by the lack of time to communicate. A couple, who has a poor quality of communication, could make their partner feels deserted and having difficulties to comprehend what their partner’s truly desires. When their partner feels lonely, and feels their demand cannot be granted, there is a possibility, they will attempt to fulfill their desires from others, and it will lead their partner having an affair with others. Without a good communication, mostly they could not achieve a harmonious relationship to withstand enticement from society. Besides poor communication, divorcement is also caused when platonic relationship occurs. Platonic relationship occurs when one or both of couple feels falling out of love. This mostly happen when their partner continuously does really romantic things, which unconsciously make something that should be romantic, be something ordinary. Lack of communication and feel falling out of love are major problem why divorcement occurs in community nowadays.
Solutions that can be taken to overcome this problem are keeping the communication running well with each other, doing romantic things with limit, and maintaining their loyalty to their partner. First, try to not be selfish, is the first thing that should have done to achieve a good communication. Furthermore, make time plan for communicate about the relationship, it should be done to ensure they will communicate with each other. Second, limit all romantic things, change it to simple things but try to do it on appropriate time and place. Even simple thing can be really romantic, if it done in appropriate time and place. Finally, maintaining their loyalty to their partner, to maintain it, they should tolerate their partner’s incapability. As well as good human, it cannot be denied that they are certainly has weaknesses. Therefore, they should accept each other’s weaknesses. Even the toughest relationship cannot withstand infidelity. (Hatfield, 2003).
Those solutions would run effectively if their partner can cooperate well, and try to sustain their relationship. First, doing romantic things with limit, it would make their partner’s standard of romantic decrease, and unintentionally they will regard simple thing as a romantic one. Next, when they cooperate to have a good communication, unconsciously they are attached with each other, and it will make their communication having better quality. At the same time, they are maintaining their loyalty. Divorcement likely could not be prevented completely, but there are several things that some couple could do to prevent it. The best solution appears to be keeping the communication running well, because without good...

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