Divorce: A Global Problem Essay

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In any married couple's relationships there are going to be times when their relationship is put to the test. Some couples make it through their relationships without any and live the rest of their lives happily married, but most can not fix their problems and are forced to get a divorce. Couples marry with the intent of staying together for the rest of their lives, but unfortunately that is not the case for many marriages. In fact, more than 50% of married couples end up getting a divorce. Divorce is the dissolution of marriage by a court. Since the married couple is getting a divorce they do not only have to handle the stress of the divorce, but also the financial problems it brings. Divorce affects everyone differently, and there are many different types and laws that influence divorce.
Divorce is looked at differently by every state. Not all of the states have the same laws for divorce. There are two ways that states look at divorce they are called “community property” and “equitable distribution.” “Community property.” This is when all property that was bought during the marriage is owned by both people involved in the divorce, and there are many states that look at divorce like this. The states are: Arizona, California, Louisiana, Nevada, Texas, Idaho, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Washington. The community property rule does not count inheritances or gifts the couple received during the marriage. “People facing divorce sometimes do not get what they deserve, because they are anxious to get it over with, or they hope to reconcile and do not want to alienate their spouse, or they want to get back at their spouse for real or imagined wrongs” (Fowles 5). The other way that states divide up the married couples possessions is called “equitable distribution.” This is when the court puts together all the tangibles and comes up with a decision on how the belongings will be divided.
When a couple decides that they are going to file for divorce most of them do not understand how complicated and complex the system is surrounding divorce. There are four main types of divorce: uncontested divorce, simplified divorce, no fault divorce, and limited divorce. The most common type of divorce is “uncontested divorce.” This allows both partners to end the divorce respectfully. It also allows the process of the divorce to move faster. “This type of divorce does not necessarily mean that both couples have agreed with everything regarding their divorce” (Divorce Staff 2). When the couple get to this point they need to set aside their differences, so they can come to a compromise otherwise the divorce will become more expensive and easier compared to having to setup scheduled hearings with representatives that they would have to pay for. Another type of divorce is called “Simplified divorce,” this type of divorce is similar to an uncontested divorce. A simplified divorce moves through the process a lot faster than any other type of divorce. “The...

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