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Divorce’s Effect On The Youth Essay

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Which child wants their parents separated, meaning their family is going to be split? No one truly does, especially children. In America, there is a forty to fifty percent chance of married couples that end in divorce. Most of those married couples have children and studies have shown that divorces do affect those children. There are a few cases where the children want the divorce to happen. However it is usual, because there are intense conflicts between the parents (Emery). Divorce clearly increases the chance of those children suffering from psychological and behavioral problems.

Parent- child relationships develop strains, that lead to losing contact with the one parent who seems to leave and it creates economic hardships (Emery). There was a study to see which parent had full custody of the children. "Most participants – seventy- four percent - said that they lived with their mothers after the divorce or separation, while eleven percent said they lived with their dads; the rest lived with other caretakers or grandparents," (Emery) . Those seventy four percent probably lost connection or the relationship with their father and the other eleven percent lost that close connection with their mother. It is a difficult situation to be in when the child loves both parents and see that those two are showing nothing but hatred towards each other.

Divorces add many stressors on to children especially teenagers. Teenagers always fear the change of everything after a divorce which builds and add onto these stressors. They try to live between two different households which make them have more responsibilities. Their standard of living will change by living with separation parents; most of the time it always decreases. When that happens it pulls a huge tole on their lifestyle (Howell, 47). Children mostly in their high school years will skip out on school and it affects their academics greatly.

Children going through divorce have different experiences during certain age groups. “Preschoolers tend to be "emotionally needy," have fears related to abandonment, and may display acting-out behaviors following their parents' divorce or separation. Preschoolers are likely to become very distressed during visit exchanges. Although children between the ages of about 6 to 8 continue to have fantasies about reconciling their parents, they are less likely to blame themselves for the divorce. Children at this age have been found to experience intense grief over the loss of not having one of their parents living with them. The older child (ages 9 to 12) is better able to understand their parents' divorce. They are likely to consciously express their disapproval and tend to take the side of one of their parents,” studied by Fitzerald.

As well as age groups plays an importance to divorces on children so does gender. According to Health 24, boys are the one who seem to be affected more than girls. Girls have a long term affect as where boys tend to happen...

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