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Divorce The Movie Essay

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Divorce - The Movie

In society today, divorce is common with approximately 60% of marriages not lasting. Prior to their parents splitting up, children struggle with how to thrive in an environment where their parents are constantly arguing. This is the backdrop for my screenplay. One of the protagonists, Kristi, is an artist who goes running for several hours every night, returning after midnight when she is certain that her parents are asleep. She is a thoughtful and taciturn character who thinks that she is to blame for the problems that her parents are experiencing. As time progresses, Kristi becomes increasingly hopeless about her life and her paintings reflect her emotions because Kristi uses increasing amounts of dark colors.

Amelia, another protagonist, is an athlete who plays soccer every fall. The rest of the year, she satisfies her desire to exercise by running and lifting weights. As Kristi's best friend, she knows that Kristi is suffering and wants to help. She has a disposition that is markedly different from that of Kristi: she is not afraid to yell at friends who are twenty feet away and she always speaks her mind in a forceful way. Amelia lives next door and sees Kristi leave every night to go running. After trying without success to get Kristi to talk about what is happening with her family, Amelia runs with Kristi one night. After they are gone for about an hour, they return and Kristi's parents are still fighting. They both decide to spend time in Amelia's bedroom.

Amelia tells Kristi that she is impressed by her ability to run fast. Kristi replies that it is what she must do to get away from her parents every night. Amelia suggests that Kristi join the cross-country with her the next spring, but Kristi is not interested....

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