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My family changed eight years ago because my parents’ got a divorce. Most children aren’t happy about their parents getting a divorce and it causes more issues, but for us, we were happy. Things changed for the better.
Before the divorce, my family was a wreck. My father was always working and was never there for us. My mom was left balancing school, work, and three children almost by herself. Even then she managed to get us out of bed and ready for school each morning while still keeping the house clean, my mother was always there for us and didn’t miss anything, such as concerts and sporting events. We were her first priority. But my father, on the other end, didn’t care about any of that. All that mattered to him was work and money. Those were his priorities.
his were always third to him. There were many times when we would go days without seeing him. He would leave for work early and come home late at night because he had to stay at work and work on a new computer from work. He didn’t make it to many concerts, field trips, sporting events, or any of that. He was always too busy for us.
When my father would get a day off, he would spend it working on well, work. Even though he wasn’t physically at work, he was mentally at work at all times. He wouldn’t take time off to spend with us children unless it was to eat, and even then he didn’t converse with us much. Even though he was there physically he wasn’t there for us emotionally. He was only around because he couldn’t go anywhere else. He wouldn’t cook, clean, or help my mom with raising us. My mom was stressed out but still managed to make us happy. She was our only parent, really. A father that is never home--does he count as a parent? I don’t think so. Although my mom parented us by herself, she did a good job and never failed us. She never gave up on us. My father would verbally and physically abuse her but she stayed with him thinking it would be better for us. What would be the difference if she left? He was never there for us anyways. We could go live with her and it would almost be the same.
Finally my mom realized that she couldn’t live with him anymore. She couldn’t handle herself not being happy anymore so she left my father. They later divorced after many arguments and physical fights. My father was devastated and took it out on us children making my mom think that she had made a mistake. It wasn’t a mistake though. It was a chance. A chance for her to get away from the man she once loved that had turned into a monster. A man that tricked her into getting married at a young age because he knew that she was naïve and thought she was in love....

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