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Divorces Have Negative Effects On Children

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In our nation divorce is a big part of life. Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage or the termination of an existing relationship or union. Divorce starts with two adults but always ends up impacting the children in the biggest way. Sons and daughters of divorce often feel confused and abandoned, lose their family structure, and experience identity crisis.
Many parents never bother to think of how divorce will affect their children. Children are impacted by divorce in multiple ways. For the most part the impact is negative. Children feel they have to choose a side to get love from a parent. They are taught to lie and to keep secrets from one parent in order to protect another parent. In a divorce, the parent that wants to fight for the marriage feels rejected by the parent that wants the divorce. This same rejection is felt by the children when the parents separate then announce they are getting a divorce. Some children go through identity crisis wondering who they are and what will become of them because they do not have the influence of both parents in the home. The loss of family structure and personal blame for the separation of their parents can affect the future of a child, the way they view themselves, the way they view the opposite sex, and the type person they choose for their husband or wife.

Dealing with Divorce
Divorce is not something that is easy to deal with. We understand that adults have a right to be happy and to make their own choices. The question is at what cost? If the world is made of only adults, it is doubtful that the rates of divorce and remarriage would draw much attention. However, it does draw attention it is just not enough attention to how it affects children.
First Step of Divorce
When divorces occur a lot of conflict comes with it, the household will never be the same. The bond between the parents and the children changes and it will never be the same either. Some adults may be able to deal with emotional situations better than children. Having both parents in the home gives a child a sense of security. For children divorce can be stressful, sad, and confusing at any age. While parents may be devastated or relieved by the divorce, children are invariably frightened and confused by the threat to their security. Studies show that kids are never the same emotionally after the divorce of their parents and it also in most cases affects their marital success.
As many couples head to court seeking divorce, most never think of their children and how they feel about the situation. Parents don’t consider the toll their decision will have on the children. Most parents assume that everything will work out but recent reports show from What the Children Go Through that things only get worse for the children after their parents separate. Some kids may think that they are the cause for their parent’s breakup. Many children assume the responsibility for bringing their parents...

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