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Diy Is Do It Yourself Essay

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Doing something yourself is accomplishing something on your own without the help of a professional. It can be to modify or repair something. People have started to DIY because of today’s economy or to add a touch of their own style to the item. DIY has been linked to start in the 1910s. There are different types of DIY: Music, Craft, and Fashion.
The term “do it yourself” can be linked to the consumers since 1912. At this time they would do home improvements and maintaining their homes. In the 1950s the term “do it yourself” came to common use in the English language. By this time more people started to work on projects at home. Doing your own things started to become a trend. People would take home improvement projects such as small crafting and construction projects to save money and to have recreational time at home.
DIY has taken many different ranges of skills like music, arts and craft, home improvement and other more. In music artist make their own music by writing and producing it by themselves. These people would mainly have a studio in their house or they would use what they have in hand, which are self-funded record labels. This is mainly seen in alternative rock, punk rock and indie rock bands. There are broadcasted on indymedia networks, which are radio stations that report political and social issues. They are also broadcasted on pirate radio stations, which are illegal radio stations that are for entertainment or political purposes. Another way of publicity is the zine community, which is a group of small self-published works. In the arts and crafts aspect it offers alternative emphasis to satisfy the modern culture consumer’s needs. The acronym ‘DIY’ is also used in the military to teach commanders to take responsibility; this helps to prepare them for their own future.
In DIY fashion has become very popular. One of the social media that has branched DIY out the most is YouTube. YouTube gets millions of video views on a daily basis....

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