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“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” Albert Einstein
DMT: The Spirit Molecule is a research work based book by Dr. Rick Strassman on a biochemical named dimethyltryptamine (DMT) having short span but strong and mysterious effects. It is a psycho-active and consciousness-escalating drug commonly titled as ‘Humanity’s God Drug’.
DMT’s psychedelic-effect induces near demise, spiritual and other-worldly experiences so, it has been outlawed all over the world with an exception as an primeval ayahuasca tea that when brewed forms DMT, envisioned to be used for religious practices. In his book, Dr. Strassman speculates that along with its presence in plants, Dimethyltryptamine is produced within the Pineal-Gland of the human-brain, often called as the third eye.
DMT functions as a neurotransmitter, providing a linkage between our world and a mystical realm thereby increasing human consciousness-level and expanding the scope of intellect.
According to Sigmund Freud (founder of psychoanalysis), there are three drives found in humans.
1) Pleasure-seeking (ID)
2) Reality-seeking (EGO)
3) Conscience (SUPER-EGO)
DMT principally boosts the person’s reality-seeking drive thereby empowering him to access the reality of external world and act in accordance to it. It strengthens the rational-thinking over the emotional-mind (pleasure-principle). If he finds the condition of external-world harsh & dominating, he does all in his ability to alter that so as to improve his condition of living.
When in dreams or a state close to death, human body release DMT due to which, a mystical experience is felt (similar experience is often felt under general-anesthesia). Some philosophers say that we dream because of the secretion of DMT during sleep which takes us to another realm.
Strassman advocates the use of DMT for psychotherapy and scientific-exploration which was acknowledged by ancient cultures but ignored in the present era. He agrees to the fact that DMT causes human-brain to see other-worlds but he is not definite whether these entities are the conception of human-mind or if they actually exist somewhere in this world to which human-brain tunes itself.
Many of Strassman’s volunteers claimed their DMT journeys were life-changing, opening them up to new notions, spiking vision and in some cases alleviating the fear of death.
Francis Crick (neuroscientist) confessed the use of small quantity of LSD (another psychedelic drug) to boost his power of thought which led him to...

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