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Dna Extraction From Strawberries; Alcohols Essay

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AbstractThis experiment investigated the amount of DNA extracted from strawberries. This was done by using the independent variable of alcohol to affect the dependant variable of the amount of DNA extracted. This was done to find out if primary or secondary alcohol would create more DNA precipitate than the other. For this the primary alcohols used were; methanol and ethanol, and the secondary alcohol was; isopropyl. Of this the secondary alcohol, isopropyl was discovered to be the most effect alcohol to make DNA precipitate, as it produced the most amount of DNA. This investigation of extracting DNA is significant due to the study taken providing understanding and knowledge on DNA; this allows people to find out information of the cell structure, and what DNA does.IntroductionThe aim of this experiment is to find the effects different types of alcohol, primary or secondary, has on the quantity of DNA extracted from strawberries.The results should show that methanol and ethanol would have similar results due to both being primary alcohols. Isopropyl would have better result due to it being a secondary alcohol.DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the nucleic acid molecule that stores the hereditary information of the organism and is indirectly responsible for cellular structure and metabolism (Aubusson, Kennedy, Snyder 1990: 474). The main role of DNA acid is the long term storage of information. DNA is a set of blueprints or a code since it contains the instructions needed to construct other components of cells, such as proteins. The DNA divisions that carry this genetic information are called genes; other DNA sequences have different structural purposes, for example to create a body part, like an arm or a leg. Because of this, DNA provides information on hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, etc...DNA extraction is important because it enables people to see the information about DNA and shows how complex information is stored. DNA is found in chromosomes inside the nucleus. This DNA is wrapped around a ball shaped histone protein. The DNA molecule is a double helix structure and is very long; this is the building block for life.It is important to achieve maximum DNA out of the results as the increased amount of DNA that is collected, the better it is able to be studied in some depth.The reasoning behind the investigation was to study the amount of DNA extracted when using different types of alcohols. This information is needed, to know the best possible way of obtaining maximum amounts of DNA from the cells to optimise the protocol. The different types of alcohol were methanol and ethanol (primary alcohols) and isopropyl (secondary alcohol).The alcohol allows for DNA's fragments to precipitate/stick together this produces a blob of DNA which can be spooled out and examined. There are different types of alcohols; primary, secondary and tertiary. The construction of primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols depends on the different amounts of carbon...

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