Dna Sequencing And Computer Essay

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Too Fast, Too AccurateToday, computer software programs are commonly used in all area of molecular biology and genetics, because computer software programs give scientists power and accuracy to get right results and speed they need to get back laboratories sooner. Moreover, like it does in other fields of science, using of computer software programs accelerates the discoveries and developments in molecular biology and genetics.DNA sequencing, which is one of the important events in molecular biology, is the process of exploring nucleotide sequence of DNA fragments. The sequence of DNA encodes the necessary information for living things to survive and reproduce. Therefore, determining the sequence of DNA is very useful in researches into how organisms live and in applied subjects related to it. Because DNA is key to all organisms, knowledge of DNA sequence can help us to make significant discoveries in all biological subject area. For example, in medicine it can be used to identify genetic diseases and potentially develop treatments for genetic diseases. However, generating meaningful data about DNA sequences can take long hours or days. Therefore, software tools are used to make DNA sequence analysis because they speed and simplify scientists' tasks.Now, I want to introduce some DNA sequencing software programs that are used in DNA sequencing analysis.BASS (Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research)Bass is Unix-based software for tracking, extracting, and base calling DNA sequencing gels. It can handle the data file formats produced by the ABI 373 and 377 machines.Chromas1.2 (Technelysium)This program displays and prints chromatogram files from ABI automated DNA sequencers and Staden SCF files, and it...

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726 words - 3 pages are treated with alkali to make sticky ends. The sticky end DNA fragments are subject to fluorescent probes, having separate colours for a single base. The labeled DNA fragments are fed into an automatic sequencing machine that reads the base sequence according to the colours of the bases. A computer then uses this piece of information to read the sequence into a continuous DNA sequence by finding overlaps and matching

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4235 words - 17 pages .225, pp. 519-526.Eeles, R., Lubinski, J. and Luleci, G. (2005), "Advancing International Co-operation and Developing Infrastructure for Targeted Screening of Prostate Cancer in Men with Genetic Predisposition," AIDIT Project No. LSH-018686.Boufounos, P.T. (2002), "Signal Processing for DNA Sequencing," Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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2279 words - 10 pages exist on the form of J. Craig Venter’s idea to skip the genetic and physical mapping and go straight to sequencing random DNA fragments. Computer programs would then put together a large amount of short overlapping sequences in to one long continuous one. He successfully sequenced a prokaryotic genome of an organism known as Hemophilus influenzae. He then went on to sequence Drosophila melanogaster and by 2001, he managed to sequence 90% of the

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1766 words - 7 pages Normalization of genomic DNA using duplex-specific nuclease Whole genome shotgun sequencing (WGS) is a potent method for the study of reference sequences in genomes. It generates several sequence data, which result in overlapping sequences eventually. The aligning DNA sequences achieved overlapping sequence reads assembly into contigs, which could read through the computer program. Due to the presence of redundant repetitive sequences in small

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646 words - 3 pages failed because they found that the genome from the donor was methylated while the genomes in recipient yeast are unmethylated. So they methylated the donor with methylases for the process. The first step is to decode the DNA from the Mycoplasma mycoides. This is followed by synthetically creating the DNA of the bacterium in the lab and adding watermark to distinguish it from the DNA. The watermark includes the website, the names of the scientists and

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954 words - 4 pages Genome Mapping The Human Genome Project was one of the most influential studies of our generation. Not only has it left us with a better picture of the human genome in general, but it has also given us valuable information about countless specific genes and what they are responsible for. Some of these genes code for rather menial characteristics, while other can cause life threatening illnesses. Genome Mapping allows for the sequencing of an


1742 words - 7 pages Alternative techniques for DNA sequencing can be grouped into several categories including microelectrophoretic methods, sequencing by hybridization, real-time observation of single molecules and cyclic-array sequencing. Preparation is accomplished by random fragmentation of DNA, followed by in vitro ligation of common adaptor sequences. The generation of clonal clustered amplicons to serve as sequencing characteristic can be achieved by in

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1723 words - 7 pages chain reactions (PCR), an important reaction in genetic and forensic sciences. The Vulcan bacterium grows at a higher temperature than Thermus aquaticus; the polymerase gene from Vulcan may prove to be more useful than those currently available. I joined TAQ as a sophomore in high school and learned much of the project, especially the procedures completed on a computer, on my own. After sequencing the 16SrRNA gene of the Vulcan bacterium and

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1447 words - 6 pages human genome was whole genome shotgun sequencing. This was the method used by Craig Venter and his private team of scientists when attempting to sequence the human genome. The genomic DNA is broken into short random fragments and cloned into a vector. The clones can then start to be overlapped through computer software. Next generation sequence methods will be even faster than those used in the 1980s and 1990s. Life Technologies has made an

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1963 words - 8 pages process of determining the precise order of nucleotides within a DNA molecule. It includes any method or technology that is used to determine the order of the four DNA bases – thiamine, adenine, guanine, and cytosine– in the strand of DNA (NHGRI, 2011). In each organism, these bases are arranged in a unique and specific sequence, and it is this sequence that is the genetic code of the organism. Genomic sequencing has had an impact on nearly every

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4821 words - 19 pages computer science (Edwin McConkey 1993). James D. Watson, Ph.D., the famous codiscoverer of the DNA double helix, was recruited to direct the NIH effort. Watson has been enthusiastic about the prospect of creating a complete catalogue of the three billion base pairs in the human genome - the straightforward concept of sequencing the entire human genome and mapping, all to be achieved within the lifetime of one scientist. In response to widespread

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1822 words - 8 pages especially when dealing with ancient DNA because ancient DNA is highly susceptible to degradation; and thus, resulting in damage-free modern DNA to easily outcompete the authentic ancient DNA. The drawbacks of PCR cause the ancient DNA sequencing results to be less accurate and convincing. With the advent of first generation sequencing that uses automated Sanger sequencing strategy, computer algorithms can be incorporated to allow accuracy in

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2417 words - 10 pages a technological breakthrough for scientist, many obstacles stand in the way of widespread use of prenatal DNA sequencing. To understand prenatal DNA sequencing scientist must look into the genetic inheritance and DNA of the child, for the procedure itself it creates many positive and negative effects; for the uncertain parents they must look into the procedure and learn from genetic counselors which could be the best choice, not only does