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Do Ahmadis Deserve To Live In Pakistan?

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Yasser Latif Hamdani (born 5 June 1980) is a young lawyer and a creative writer based in Lahore, Pakistan. He received his early education from Lahore. He did his BA in Economics from the Rutgers University, New Jersey, United states of America. He studied further from Pakistan where he was able to get his LLB degree from Quaid-e-Azam Law College of the Punjab University. As a writer he has written “Jinnah; myth and reality”, in which, he is arguing that the founder of Pakistan, Jinnah, sought Pakistan to be a secular democratic state. As a lawyer, he has been there in judging the big cases as of the ‘Baghat Singh Case’ and recently, he is also raising voice in favor of unblocking YouTube in Pakistan. Being a social activist, he writes about the social issues that prevail in the society. In writing about these issues, he is not limited to the issues only raised by Pakistan but also writes about the social issues faced by other countries such as America and India. He writes regularly for Friday times, Express Tribune and Daily Times Pakistan. He loves to write about the minorities and tries to portray the real picture of the minorities provided the given circumstances. He is also against religious extremism, he tries his best in presenting the issues of minorities, especially Ahmadis and this is the reason behind writing of this article. The article was published in the Friday Times on September 06, 2012.After its publication, it created a lot of trouble and dissatisfaction for the religious Islamic fundamentalists. But the wise and educated people took it as a problem for their state and somehow conformed to it. The article is as controversial as it was in the times of its publication because in these days there are lots of issues regarding sects and their views. So, this article is worthy of portraying the issue related to present time situation. Although, the article is having logical and historical facts in chronological order and contains simple words, however, the use of illogical reasoning and biases of author towards Ahmadis weakens the point of view of the author.
This article was written to show the persecutions of Ahmadis, a minority in Pakistan. The writer in the beginning expresses that Ahmadis were a party, which were a contributing factor in the struggle for Pakistan and later on, how they were saved from religious extremism by the governments of that time. Then, he goes on to explain torturous times for the Ahmadis and with the passage of time how things changed for them and how they were labeled as non-Muslims by an amendment in the constitution in 1974. Going ahead, he lays emphasis on the violence faced by them (Ahmadis) due to religious intolerance in the country. In the end, he shows his uneasiness when he talks about the “extermination” (last paragraph) of Ahmadis if the above situation remains in the society.
The author is using some historical facts to portray the real picture of the issue. In doing so, he...

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