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Do Aliens Really Exist?In their nature, people are always eager and curious to witness any unusual thing. Because of their imagination and fascinations, extraterrestrial signs or objects became an obsession, and the scientists' subject of studies. How can we believe that we are the only one in this huge universe around us, if aliens do not exist then it will be a waste of having created the universe. Most discussions of UFOs concern the question of whether there is a scientific evidence for them and the theories about extraterrestrial life.UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, in other words, the observers do not understand what they are looking at even after investigation. The belief in UFO and aliens is more common than we think. Surveys show that between 70 and 75 percent of North Americans believe in extraterrestrials and UFOs. Moreover, a much smaller, but growing number of people claim contact with UFOs and/or abduction by space aliens. All that did not happen over night, it all goes back to the middle of the twentieth century. In 1947, a man named Ken Arnold saw an object, which he called a "flying saucer" near Mount Rainier. There were also claims that a spaceship had crashed near Roswell, NM and the army carried that aliens out of it. Both incidents happened around the same week. Moreover, since the time of the first "flying saucer", interest in UFOs has been closely tied to matters of spirituality.The American journalist Charles Fort (1874-1932) first suggested that extraterrestrials regularly visit the Earth. His presentation of a monistic vision of the universe replaced Christian ideas of creation. Many early science fiction writers like Damon Knight and Eric Frank Russell were influenced by Fort. In addition, E.E "Doc" Smith (1890-1965) adapted Fort's ideas about extraterrestrials observing and guiding human development. He developed the ideas into his highly popular "Lensmen" series in 1948, from which Star Wars movies were consciously modeled. Scientists and other believe that the media - particularly the entertainment industry - may be at least partially responsible for the large numbers of people who believe in astrology, alien abductions and other forms of pseudoscience. A number of shows use a documentary style to promote belief in the reality of UFOs, government cover-ups and alien abductions. A study of 126 schoolchildren and 224 undergraduates, shows knowledge of aliens is more related to watching television than to having the relevant experiences. Even though most people do not see a religious significance of the UFOs and aliens, but some do. The best-known religion that has developed out of the fascination with UFOs is L. Ron Hubbard's scientology. Various other religions were founded by people who had dabbled in scientology, the most successful being EST and Eckankar. Moreover, the most infamous is the Heaven's Gate community, whose leaders studied scientology in...

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