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Do All Revolutions Go Sour? Essay

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Do all revolutions go sour?

Do all revolutions go sour? This is a very general and abstract question. In the first place we would have to determine what type of revolutions we are going to take into account and examine. Secondly we would have to determine the definition of "sour", what do we mean when we imply a revolution "went wrong". In the third place, we would have to set clear examples. So logically let's start from the beginning.

What can we consider a "sour" revolution? We have two options to ponder upon; the first one is, when the revolution does not achieve its objectives, or at least, the vast majority of them. The second option is when the objectives are achieved, however the perpetrators of the revolution become as tyrannical as their antecessors. Let's go with the first option, and look at these revolutions objectively, because if we were to choose the second option we would have to enter into a moral debate about what is right and what is wrong, and that has nothing to do with this precise question. Our definition of sour is set. We will only take into account social revolutions because is it to my way of thinking that they are the ones that caused the most important changes into forging the society we live in today. So having our parameters set, we can start discussing the question.

Social revolutions have been taking place since the beginning of mankind. Be it revolutions during the early theocratic societies or during the eighteenth century, they all have, give or take, the same objectives. These are to change...

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