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Do Animals Have Emotions? Essay

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Many years ago my family and I were having lunch outside my grandfather's house. It was the first time my entire family got together to celebrate my grandfather's birthday. It was a beautiful night; we were dancing, eating and celebrating that special day. After a couple of hours, my grandpa decided to go to get some rest because he felt tired, but before going to sleep, he said these words that I will never forget "I'm so happy! My family is here, united and that's how I want you to be… united and happy! I love you all!" After what he said, he went to bed followed by his loyal dog named Rocco.I remember seating in the living room with my cousins talking about grandpa and his adventures when we heard Rocco barking out loud. Something was different about his bark; it was like he was crying. My whole family ran into my grandpa's room and we found him asleep (that's what we thought). Rocco was lying by his side with his head and ears down. My uncle went to check if grandpa was all right but he wasn't. My grandfather died that beautiful night next to his loyal dog.After that night, the smiles that we had turn into tears and sadness. His dog didn't want to eat or go out for the following day. Rocco was sad and we could fell it. My grandfather had that dog for 15 years, and after that time Rocco was like part of the family. A week went by and Rocco still didn't want to eat or do anything. We were getting worried because we felt like Rocco was killing himself, and that's what happened. Rocco died one week after my grandfather and we knew that was because he got sad or maybe depressed. The dog could live without my grandpa; the dog felt lonely and that's what killed him.Many people say that animals don't have emotions or feelings. Some people say that animals are just wild creatures that we can use in our advantage. Or maybe, animals are just in this planet to use their fur, their skin or to use them in scientific tests. Many people don't believe that animals have feelings but they do. Recently, many scientists, animal behaviorist and zoologists have been studying animals and their behaviors and the possibility of them having some sort of feelings. What did they discover? Animals feel pain, love, loneliness, sadness, etc. They proved that humans are not the only ones that feel these emotions; they proved that animals also do have emotions.When humans try to express their feelings, they could use body languages or movements or they could just talk about it. Most people express their feelings by talking; something that's ease to do for humans. For animals is another story. Talking is the only difference between man and animals. Animals have to communicate their feelings by "posture, vocalizations, gestures and actions" (M. Masson + McCarthy 21). Some people that have lived with animals for more than ten years can define their "animal's mood by observing their body languages" (M. Masson + McCarthy 21).Animals don't talk like humans do but this fact...

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