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Do Looks Matter? Essay

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Many brands do what they can in order to attract customers. An example to this would be like the clothing stores Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister, which only hire people who they consider attractive to represent their store. It is a requirement to maintain this rule in order to increase the number of customers coming in and the number of sales that are being done. People are being discriminated against not being “good looking” enough to be hired, which is morally wrong.
When a person is being hired for a job, what should be catching someone’s attention should be the person’s ability and capability of the skill that most likely they trained for or if they know how to do the job correctly. Being pretty or attractive doesn’t help if the person doesn’t know anything at all about how to manage and/or handle money or know anything bout retailing. Mr. Serrano, a former assistant Abercrombie store manager in Scranton, PA, states,” We were suppose to approach someone in the mall who we think will look attractive in our store … If that person said ‘ I never worked in retailing before,’ we said: ‘ who cares? We’ll hire you.’ But if someone came in who had lots of retail experience and not a pretty face, we were told not to hire them at all.” Coming from a former assistant manager at an Abercrombie store, we know that what is going on in stores like this is clearly inequality.
These stores clearly do cause inequality, but on of the major ways this subject is pointed towards is at discrimination. The retailers are mainly focusing on hiring people who are white, blue-eyed, blonde, and preppy. Mr. Greenhouse states about a lawsuit filed in San Francisco against the clothing company Abercrombie and Fitch that tells us that many plaintiffs that said in interviews that when they applied for jobs and were hired, store managers steered them into to the stockroom not to the sales floor. The company says it does not discriminate, yet there is...

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