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Do Barriers In Promoting Access To Health And Social Care Services Affect Young Homeless People?

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This discussion will explore how health and social care services are accessed by analysing a widespread variety of underlying issues that affect the planning and delivery of health and social care services for young homeless service user groups also differentiating the similarities and differences of young homeless people’s needs and assess the quality of care offered by professionals when they use their interpersonal skills to this particular service user group.
A group did a poster on this topic, so therefore there will be reflections on how well they have worked together as a team to achieve their goals.
This will also overall explain current issues that young homeless ...view middle of the document...

Ravenhill (2008) states that service user providers use this phrase ‘family breakdown’ in practice in order not to negatively determine the situation as the word conflict is a damaging term and also it’s inappropriate.

However Furlong and Cartmel (2007) argue that young service users’ parents are unwilling to support them financially or for employment reasons.

Impacts and Barriers on Providing Care to Homeless Young People
This section will discuss a broad range of barriers affecting the planning and the delivery of health and social care services and how it affects young homeless people negatively into receiving health and social care services.

Inadequate Housing, Affordability and the Housing System
Young vulnerable homeless people would need shelter. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs concept was to identify an individual’s basic human need and listed that basic shelter, food and drink and even warmth are the most important at the bottom.
However Vostanis (2008) argues that young homeless people in the UK had adequate access to housing and other appropriate arrangements that were suited to their needs.
He also states that mental health problems were arisen in these situations and the lack of access to mental health services.
Also to enable access to health services, young homeless people do require a permanent address so this is preventing them from accessing essential health services.
As Murphy and Tobin (2011) suggests, no permanent address lacks identification of those who are in need to access health services in particular general practitioners as they would need to be registered.
This also means when young homeless people enter the housing system and they may have to move frequently due to the unsuitability of the accommodation.
Although housing is important, Alder (2009) argues that housing should be safe and secure and suggests that housing can affect health especially mentally and existing health illnesses. Inadequate conditions of the house include dampness and coldness which could possibly lead to hypothermia, and most commonly in the condition of housing; crowding and space especially if living with other occupants.
Loison-Leruste and Quilgars (2009) suggests that access to housing is difficult

Financial Implications
However these services can reflect upon financial securities of young homeless people. They would need financial support but because of their situation they would likely lack money on a huge scale and this may cause and subsequently lead for them to turn to crime as desperate actions. This would be no surprise into becoming homeless is because of their financial difficulties, amidst unemployment rates.
Nonetheless even if they gain employment, it is not necessarily a long term answer as Barry (2005) suggests. She argues that the salary young people could possibly earn through their job does not automatically mean that they can pay their rent and does not necessarily mean it does solve their housing issues. This is...

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