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Do Biofuels Have A Bright Future As An Ecological Sustainable Energy Source?

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"Do Biofuels have a bright future as an ecological sustainable energy source?"My presentation deals with the question "Do renewable energies have a bright future?, I talk about the different renewable energies like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydropower, Geothermal Energy and others. In the following essay I want to give another example of a renewable energy that has been criticized for increasing the hunger in developing countries and using up to much farmland, but could be the solution for saving the fossil fuels from being totally depleted and therefore decreasing air pollution. My question is "Do Biofuels have a bright future as an ecological sustainable energy source?"Biofuels like ethanol, butanol and biodiesel are made from agricultural crops. The process of manufacturing biofuel can be classified in the following stages. These stages are:Filtering: In this process, waste vegetable oil is filtered to remove all the food particles. This process generally involves warming up the liquid a little. After warming up the liquid, it can be filtered with the use of coffee filter.Removing of water: All the water contained in the residual gangue has to be removed which will make the reaction faster. The water can be easily removed by making the liquid boil at 100 degree C for some time.Titration: This process is carried out to determine the amount of lye that would be required. This process is the most crucial and the most important stage of biofuel manufacturing.Preparation of sodium methoxide: In this process, methanol is mixed with sodium hydroxide to produce sodium methoxide. In most of the cases, the quantity of methanol used is generally 20 percent of waste vegetable oil.Heating and mixing: The residue is heated in between 120 to 130 degree F after which it is mixed well. It should be remembered that process should be done carefully avoiding splashing of the liquid.Settling and separation: After mixing the liquid, it has to be allowed to cool down. After the cooling process, the biofuel will be found floating at the top while the heavier glycerin would be found at the bottom. The glycerin can be easily separated by allowing it to drain out from the bottom. The person is left over with pure biofuel which can be used for various purposes.The global biodiesel industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the chemical industry with the European Union setting up a target of getting 6.75% of transport fuel from biological resources by 2014. Somewhat similar trends are manifest in America and other developed and developing countries.There are many eco-benefits to replacing oil with biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel. Biofuel energy is said to be environment-friendly because it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. Because it is made out of biodegradable materials, when biofuels are burned, they produce significantly less carbon output and fewer toxins, making them a safer alternative to preserve atmospheric quality and lower air...

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