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Do Cell Phones Increase The Risk Of Cancer?

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Do Cell Phones Increase the Risk of Cancer?
Millions of people around the world use cell phones on a daily basis and people hardly realize the terminal risks. Cell phones may seem completely harmless, but they actually emit radio waves that can be hazardous towards the human body. Each time someone makes a call or receives a call, a type of cancerous radiation is given off by the cell phone in order for the user to communicate with the person on the other side of the line. Since the amount of cell phone users has rose rapidly, more people are being exposed to this kind of radiation. As cell phones undergo advancements, people are starting to use them more often, leading to an increase in the amount and length of calls each day. Some believe that these radio waves do no such harm to your body due to the radiation wave being weak but in reality, exposure to any kind of radiation is never safe. Radio waves might not affect the human body immediately, but after a long period of time the effects are bound to reveal. Cell phones can increase the risk of cancer because its radiation affects brain cells, causes tumors, and is hazardously absorbed by the tissues in the body.
To start off, radiation from cell phones affect the activity of brain cells when it is held close to the side of the head. According to the article, “Cell Phones May Be Carcinogenic Hazards” by Danielle Dellorto, researchers have found that just after 50
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minutes of being on the phone can cause people to be stimulated enough that they actually become more hyperactive. This trend occurs because of the exposures to the radio waves that cause the brain to produce more glucose, which then makes the body more active than it’s supposed to be. Cell phone usages can also cause a person to feel more anxious because of the radiation that it emits to the brain cells (Helms “Are Affecting Memory”). This increase of anxiety makes people express a series of uncontrollable emotions, as well as affecting their ability to focus properly. Researchers have found evidence that cell phones can affect the cognitive functions of the brain by damaging the nerve cells, which would contribute to the memory loss of the user (Serrano “Contribute Memory Loss”). This symptom reduces their capability to recall their short and long term memory. In contrast, some might disagree and think that another factor could be causing the disturbance of the brain cells’ activity. There are some possibilities where the radiation of other technological devices that people uses could be causing them to acquire these symptoms (National Cancer Institute “Magnetic Field Exposure”). It is hard to differentiate whether cell phone usage or another electronic device is emitting radioactive energy towards the human body. On the other hand, some might say that cell phones do change the brain cells’ behavior. There are many electronic devices that does emit radiation, but the only device that people put most often to their head is...

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