Do Changes In Family And Religious Culture Affect Views On Premarital Sex Within The African American Community?

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Most everyone engages in sexual activity at one point or another in life and sex can be valued as good or bad. Human beings are driven towards and sometimes by our biological urges, however our culture and societal influences determine how and when we choose to begin our sexual journeys. University of Toronto psychologist Edward Shorter justifies this dynamic by expressing that “Indeed, cultural restraints—rather than anything anatomical—have had the biggest effect on our sexual history…To be sure, what people actually experience is always a mixture of biological and social conditioning: Desire surges from the body, the mind interprets what society will accept and what not, and the rest of ...view middle of the document...

The goal of this research was to observe and explain how religious and family culture play into African-American women’s sexual attitudes and actions.
Over the past century, African-American culture has changed immensely, and in Generation Y traditional values within the community has now become unconventional. Chatters, Taylor, Bullard, and Jackson define religion as being concerned with towards the community and creating a bond for people with shared beliefs and help them get closer to God. African-American culture once included families consisting of a married parental unit and their children and religion had a huge impact in every aspect of their lives. But as religious affiliations have declined, there has been a dramatic increase in lenient views on pre-marital sex and the act itself. According to Petersen & Donnenwerth there has been a substantial decrease in the number of Christian that are against the idea of premarital sex, furthermore, church attendance no longer encourages people to align their views with those of the church and are allowing their conscience to dictate their morals.
Laura Lindberg and Susheela Singh explain that African- American single young adults are at greater risk for accidental conception and births as well as sexually transmitted infections. I attribute this
My data indicated that the majority of females interviewed had very lenient views towards pre-marital sex although they were raised in accordance with the “wait for marriage” standard. When I delved deeper, the majority of females interviewed attributed the more lenient views due to changes in morals in the 21st century. One young woman even stated, “The views of our elders are outdated because they were raised in a time completely different than ours. Religion was a bigger influence in the Black Community two and three decades ago than it is now.” Other young ladies justified my hypothesis and attributed lenient sexual attitudes to the changing family structure within the black...

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