Do Drug Tests Violate Employees’ Rights To Privacy?

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In this essay contained is an investigation, discussed and, which is within scope of this essay, in the provision of answers to this question Do drugs tests violate employees’ right to privacy?’ The answers are given by the presentation and the analyzing different views evident in literature so as to build an argumentative case against or in support of, lastly drawing the conclusions set. This is made possible concentrating on a scope which considers the ethics existent in normative theories. It means that theories of a higher philosophical calling considering whether the employees violate the right of privacy of their employees by doing drug tests on them lie outside the scope of the essay. Lastly, the scope of this essay is to be determined by another aim: the provision of the responses given concerning the essay question asked. This may help in the provision of incentives needed for further work by other academics.
This argument that employers have the right to violate the employees’ right to privacy by doing drug tests is collocate with its other counter-argument that is, employers do drug tests on their employees so as to be up-to-per on its productions to be against drugs employees use impairing an employees work performance. An estimate of 44% of young people accepted to have been using drugs in some of previous years. Now, these are the multitude of adults that are entering the workforce of the nation. With the high alarming high numbers of individuals using drugs, some of the employers had to come up with drug testing programs in their individual institutions so as to identify the current and the prospective employees and employers having drug habits. It is evident in the works of the formative author Moore (2011) who expresses that mostly employees justify their means in drug testing of employees by the notion of a signed contract containing consent of the employee’s to drug testing. More to this, Drucker (1984) refers to employee drug testing to be advancing an approach necessary in modern governance so as to maintain law and order that is seeing pervasive surveillance and control to be very desirable. Faragher (2013) provides different arguments in support of and against from Drucker’s that, drug testing of the employees violates their right to privacy.
Before Faragher came to the conclusion of the different counter-arguments, already the authors Fit2zpatrick & Perine (2008) had put strongly the case that the employers had to get compulsory drug tests certificates from employees as they went to seek employment.
‘In North Carolina, operators who have commercial driver’s licenses and who have tested positive in a substance abuse test must be disqualified from operating a commercial motor vehicle until the employer obtains a receipt of proof of successful completion by the employee of assessment and treatment. Motor carriers for hire in Tennessee who provide passenger transportation in vehicles designed to transport eight or more...

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