Do Video Games Really Cause Violence?

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“No one is suggesting that [violent video games are] the only reason they went out and committed those horrific acts, but was it a tipping point? Was it something that pushed them over the edge? Was it a factor in that? Perhaps. That’s a really big deal,” This is a really controversial subject amongst gamers and parents, on whether violent video games cause real-life violence. Lots of people think they do, while lots of people think they don’t. There is research that points both ways in the subject, although I believe that the evidence points to it not causing violence.
The violent video games we play today could be causing violence around the world, some evidence points towards violent games being a culprit in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Some people say that early childhood is the worst time to expose a person to violence in their life. “The U.S. surgeon general is poised to declare graphically violent television programming and video games harmful to children, marking a potential watershed in the debate over government regulation of entertainment” (Leeds A1). Another way video games can cause violence is from having little social life outside of video games, this can lead to not knowing how to deal with things in society that can cause anger or stress. People need to learn how to take care of anger and not let it turn into something dangerous. “(The games are) training for aggression, you can actually grow neural pathways called dendrites that enable you to perform more easily the physical acts of violence. Plus, from a psychological perspective, to act out of virtual violence, in a virtual setting, is more damaging than just viewing it. You enter into the violence, you become the protagonist.” (Worthy A1) That was a quote from Jack Thompson, a crusading attorney who has achieved national prominence for suing video game makers. He sees that “players gain points and win awards for being as heartless and homicidal as possible.” (Worthy A1) Causing some people to have the mindset that you get rewarded for being violent, and don’t understand the difference between real-life and video games.
Even though video games could cause violence, it is possible that they don’t cause violence among teens and the violence can really come from a bad household. It is possible that the teens that cause violence could have gotten it from games, but it is also possible that they could have gotten it from adults that abuse their children. Instead of showing a child the right way of doing something if they do wrong, it is possible that they would hit the child or abuse them in some way. This could cause them to learn if someone isn't doing something they like, or did something wrong they could see they way to solve it is through physical action, instead of talking to them about the issue. “Video games, music, television, movies, novels, and Shakespeare don’t cause violence. Mental illness, psychological abuse, and physical abuse cause violence. Ideologies...

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