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Do Grades Really Tell You About How Smart One Person Is?

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There are a lot of students in our generation that are as intelligent as their grades show them to be. This is because they work hard to prove themselves to everybody, but a grade does not fully reflect the intelligence of a student. Somebody brilliant could be hiding behind a letter grade that they “earned.” For some students it’s a simple misunderstanding or an absence had gotten in the way, while other students just choose not to show their full potential.
It is unachievable to completely understand someone's intelligence. An IQ test can’t even fully ascertain the meticulous concept of the capable intelligence. Grades only echo a small meaningless portion of knowledge that may never ...view middle of the document...

Though we choose to classify each other through the phenomenal embracement of a judgemental society, we pretend to ignore the signs that present themselves in front of us. Not everyone is as everybody else. While some choose to follow on the path of others, some choose their own path. Brought down by the pressure of our schooling system, students tend to avoid confrontation on the fact that they dwelled too long in their dreams, the real life slipping straight through and passing by as though a race. They ignore the signs just as we do. That is why our society is slightly horrific. Because people judge like they have been; we are locked in a raging internal war on what is considered acceptable in the eyes of others.
Opportunities to prove to each other that we are simply as though we were asked to be appear more often than not. We believe that if we skip something, fall behind to such an extent that it will take more than a year to catch up, and break the expectations of the older generations as thoroughly as we tend to we will be apart of the “cool” crowd. What this generation doesn’t understand is that it costs them so much. They know their part, yet they ignore it. These actions have more consequences than we believe and it has those on the outside judging us because of a single lettered assignment. People do things they regret, that they don’t mean, and are sometimes never given the chance to make up for it.
We, as a misunderstanding group of people, do not think twice about praising somebody by their grade. The person with the highest letter grade in the class may not really have common sense. Something like common sense is needed in a world like ours, but we are just passed off as knowing what is...

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