Do I Have Power As A C Omputer Engineer?

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Can you think of something today that does not involve electronics? You will most likely not. That is because our hardworking computer engineers work on better ways to improve society with technology. Your school most likely now uses a lot of technology to keep it safe, but also help you learn better. So much new technology is made every day to help us, and once the product hits shelves, people buy it. This not only helps us, but our economy as well. With a better economy, your job and the things around you are improving. Computer engineers may be the most powerful people in society, because they help our education system, provide new technology, and their innovations help raise economy.
Computers play a huge part of education, this includes the technology teaching the students, but also the fact that everything the students learn in math is later involved in computers. Five years ago teachers were using textbooks and worksheets, and now, not only can we teach with SMART Boards, but also assign assignments and turn them in online:
Rapidly increasing computer hardware and software development on one side is helpful in improving quality and effectiveness of instruction process on the other hand is generating new challenges; increasing availability of technology and computers present teachers with exciting opportunities to transform pedagogical practices.(Tanveer)
Technology improves how kids learn, and then leads to the kids helping the next generation even more. We use the internet everyday for help on an essay, or even for help on a lousy question you argued over with your friends. The internet came to the public on August 6th of 1991, and by the end of 2012, 17 billion devices were connected to internet. Our technology is advancing quickly and helping our everyday life.
Try to think way back to the time before we had digital things. In those times it was hard to monitor your home, you bank, your family, anything. Clocks, phones, photographs, music, machines, television, toasters, shavers, vehicles, and even books were once not digital. “When an object or appliance goes digital, capabilities emerge that the old pre-digital versions did not have. The...

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