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Do People Really Know What Is Sacrificed For Animal Testing?

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Imagine being in a cold isolated cage with no hope of getting out. Think of what it would be like to have so much terror that it is hard to stop trembling with fear. All you see is your friends being picked off one by one and never seen again. They know what is coming next, another painful procedure that might not even kill them but leave them suffering for hours until they wish for death. That is what it is like for animals in a laboratory every day, right this very second. People do not like to think about these horrible things because they would have to realize that these horrific things are really going on. Hundreds of animals across the world die each day and for what? Drug, food, cosmetic, and medical tests? Some argue that animal testing is needed to advance in medicine. Scientists say that millions of lives have been saved thanks to animal testing. On the other hand, people disagree with these claims. The animal rights activists do not believe in using animals in experiments. They think it is unnecessary cruelty to animals.
Animal testing is the use of animals in experiments and development projects to determine toxicity, dosing and efficacy of test drugs before proceeding to human clinical trials. Researchers use vast numbers of tests on animals for a variety of things. Most animals that scientists use for research endure tremendous pain and suffering in their lives spent in a laboratory. There are 3 main groups that animal testing can be categorized under. Consumer product safety, basic scientific research, and applied medical research.
Consumer products such as cosmetics and cleaners are used on animals to determine how toxic the product is. “For years, industry has determined the toxicity of floor wax, and detergents by injecting various substances into the stomachs of beagles, rabbits, and calves. Producing vomiting, convulsions respiratory illnesses and paralysis. The so- called LD (lethal dose) 50 testes ends only when half the animals in a test group have died. No anesthesia or pain killers are administered” (Jeanne Williams Pg. 15).
Scientist also use animals for basic scientific research. Scientists study the behavior of animals in stressful environments and also how different animals interact with each other. They also study breeding habits to determine evolution and genetics. Animal activist argue that this kind of research has no purpose. That the animals suffer for no reason at all.
Animals are also used in medical research. “Cats are used for research into stroke, while dogs are commonly employed to investigate heart disease; both are used for migraine research. Experimenters try to mimic human disease by artificially inducing the condition, or its consequences, in animals. So, at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, cats were brain- damaged following a deliberately induced ‘stroke’, produced by blocking arteries in the animals head. Likewise, scientists at the University...

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