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Do It For The Kids! Essay

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As the first bell rings and to hearing the morning announcements, Red Oak Elementary School will begin their day! The children walk into the classroom, such as Alayna, who continues to lick her lips as she thinks about her favorite breakfast she had this morning, banana cinnamon waffles. The students have already placed their book bags in their assigned cubbies and are ready to begin the morning workout routine. Although Georgia public school teachers are capable of making an low salary, early childhood education is an enjoyable field and young people in search of a career should consider elementary school teachers because of job benefits, and an influential role in children’s academic ...view middle of the document...

Job benefits are a great opportunity, but individuals should make sure to way out the best options for themselves, which is a key to success.
Academic skills are fundamental! Teaching academic skills help children to learn and retain school lessons. Various teaching methods such as, lectures, discussions and demonstrations, instruct students individually and in groups. Social skills benefit specifically, such as listening, staying on task and following teacher instructions, which is associated with academic success. (Marquez 1). By maintaining academic success, teachers most likely include academic skills in their lessons in order for students to really master certain concepts, for example, arts, which can encourage and motivate kids in all aspects of their school lives, including acting a story, discussing a painting or performing a play. During my short time at Red Oak, I was able to see how Ms. Walker establish clear objectives, for example, when the children did their spelling work, she was able to communicate those objectives to the students (Field Work). Also, another aspect that benefits academic success is music. Music is a creative effective tool for learning numbers, the alphabet or even multiplication tables. Bringing aspects such as art and music improves children’s reading and writing, develops character and provides a positive atmosphere.
Social skills are recommended! A lack of basic social skills, students fall apart mentally and even physically. Entering elementary school with a lack of close friends and social content generally bring the emotional discomfort of loneliness. Therefore, elementary teachers need to build relationships and teach social skills to not provide another statistic. It is important to teach all students appropriate social skills with any and all opportunities. There were 358 students that completed the loneliness and social dissatisfaction scale and results indicated that children who were in self or sibling care had greater loneliness and social dissatisfaction compared to their peers under formal center care (Demircan...

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