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Much research has been done in order to comprehend the answer to the question “Do Leaders Matter?” In order to decipher this dilemma we will have to distinguish the fine and horrible rationale for leaders. Furthermore, we would have to recognize what it is to be a leader, and give the impression on how people view leaders. Are all leaders instinctive to lead, or do they have to discover the technique? There are many inquiries that can be solicited, but first we need to comprehend some of the dynamics that make up a good leader. Understanding how a good leader maneuvers will allow us to scrutinize some of the biases that revolve around a leader. I will strive to leave no uncertainty in your mind that leader’s do not have an immense influence on performance.

A leader must demonstrate many traits in order to be measured as someone who can truly be an effective difference maker. Many dissimilar authors have differing opinions on who is, or how to become a leader. Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO, believed that in every leader should personify his qualities that he called the 4E’s of leadership. He even created a management training institute in order to give all his managers the proper training in his techniques. “Crotonville, served as a forum for the sharing of the experiences, the aspirations, and, often the frustrations of the tens of thousands of GE leaders who passed through its campus” (Welch). The 4E’s of leadership are energy, energizers, edge, and execute. Someone with energy would wake up every morning with the desire and passion to motivate them through the day. An individual also need to have the capability to energize others in order to over achieve and out perform their peers. You need to have the edge, or desire, to compete in a highly competitive environment. A leader must also be able to execute therefore meeting the desired needs of the organization in order to achieve preferred results. Noel Tichy, and David Ulrich believe that a new type of leader recognized as a “Transformational Leader” needs to be implemented in organizations. “They must create something new out of something old: out of an old vision, they must develop and communicate a new vision and get others not only to see the vision but also to commit themselves to it” (Tichy and Ulrich). This belief closely resembles that of Jack Welch. People who can influence others and take charge of situations often become great leaders.

We have now seen a few views on how leaders should lead organizations. Unfortunately, in the real world it is hard to find the perfect individual that can truly make a difference in an organization. Good leaders and structure are the backbone of organizations. These qualities need to be in place for an organization to succeed, but I am going to bring light to the fact that leaders don’t have as much, if any, influence on how an organization will perform. This will show that leaders don’t have control in organizations. In the paper...

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