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Do Mermaids Really Exist? Essay

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Do mermaids really exist? This is a question that many have asked over the years but never really took the time to try and find out. I personally believe the existence of mermaids is definitely possible, especially considering the fact that the world has only explored five percent of our oceans. Scientists discover new sea creature species every single day but many still try to argue the fact that everything about mermaids is simply a myth. There are plenty of odd creatures we have discovered in the oceans, so why do people think it’s so ridiculous that the existence of mermaids could be possible?
Another question many tend to ask is; what is a mermaid? There are so many different ideas and ...view middle of the document...

This enhancement is said to increase their lifespan by a decade or more (
Many wonder how the myths of mermaids even started. There are many different folktales and legends about the origins of mermaids going back more than a thousand years. Most do not think these legends to actually be true. However some of the ancient legends might be truer than anyone believes. The roots of mermaid mythology are more varied than expected. The majority of people in this day in time tend to perceive mermaids as kind and good natured to humans and who keep to themselves in the depths of the ocean. Not all stories prove this to be true, in fact, in most cases, the ancient tales of mermaid mythology follow quite a different view (
Some of the most common of the legends portray that mermaid mythology is linked to Greek mythology. The earliest known mermaid legends come from Syria around 1,000 B.C. where the Syrian goddess Atargatis dove into a lake to take the form of a fish, but the powers there would not allow her give up her great beauty, so only her bottom half became a fish and she kept her top half in human form. This story continued to change over time and Atargatis became mixed with Syrian goddess Ashtarte, who is considered the counterpart to Greek mythology’s Aphrodite. The ancient seaman and sailors perceived mermaids as immoral and mischievous; they connected them with bad luck and misfortune. The evil-intentioned mermaid is not the only way these creatures were seen as dangerous. Some believed that even the well-intentioned mermaids would cause great danger to men who thought they saw a woman drowning and would dive in the water to save them (
Scientists believe mermaids were creatures who developed from our ancestors that evolved to the sea habitat. It is believed that they evolved from the first humans on earth so that they may swim. Our ancestors have written literature, drawn pictures, and sculpted statues of half-human, half-fish creatures. Scientists have discovered old paintings, drawings of them in books, and fossils that could connect to the mermaids’ existence. They have also discovered drawings of skulls, shaped like humans’, and webbed hands with finger tips at the end. One of the most common theories comes from Charles Darwin. In 1859, in his first edition of “The Origin of Species,” he speculated how a land mammal could transform into an aquatic animal. Another theory that supported this was Darwin’s natural selection theory of evolution. Natural selection theory is a process by which organism can change as a result of normal behavioral or heritable traits to allow the organism to adapt to its environment in order to survive. This can cause an entire species to change over the course of generations to create an entirely new species, turning apes to humans, dinosaurs to birds, or amphibious mammals to whales ( This theory helps support Dr. Paul Robertson’s thought that...

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