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Do Mistakes Make A Bad Person?

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On July 1942 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. A Holocaust came to play. Hitler a dictator in German came to power and didn’t like Jews very much and Anne Frank and her family and friends were Jews. Anne was only thirteen when she went into hiding in the attic above her father’s office or what they called it the secret annex for two years, during those two years Anne Frank kept a diary, her diary had all her feelings secrets and memories in it. She wrote in it every day .Everyday up until the day they were discovered in the secret annex by Nazi soldiers. The famous last sentence Anne Frank Wrote in that diary was “Despite everything, I believe that everyone is really good at heart.” Now do you ...view middle of the document...

“I think the world maybe just going through a phase but one day this will all end” These are my three examples and pieces of evidence for my first reason everyone makes mistakes.

My second reason why I agree with Anne Frank is we all have different views and opinions on things. Three examples to support my reason are... One, During the Holocaust lots of bad things happened thousands and thousands of Jew were either killed or worked to death but because all these things happened doesn’t really mean we are bad people. Some soldiers were native to the fact that this was happening. Two, Maybe the Nazi soldiers were forced to do these things to the Jews by their dictator Adolf Hitler and weren’t doing this on their own they could have been threatened and forced to do these things to the Jews. Three, In the movie there is a scene when the Frank’s and VanDann’s get discovered in the secret annex by the Nazi’s and they just threw everyone’s things all around and dumped Anne’s diary papers all over the ground, yes...

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