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Do Name Brand Clothing Affect Children And Teens Lifestyles And Interactions With One Another?

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Although there are a few good reasons as to why name brand clothing does not affect teens, there are more reasons as to why they do. The bulk of research shows that fashion branding does have an impact on youth because it can cause insecurities and uncertainties brought by the transition from childhood to adulthood. Teens are in the awkward stage and feel insecure about where they fit in in life and how they look, and these name brand clothing advertisements are not making teens feel confident in their skin. Most people are insecure about at least one thing, whether it is their body image, intelligence, or sexuality, and for most teenagers their insecurities come from the clothes that they wear. It is not just the cloth branding itself but also the advertisements that these brands display. These advertisements ooze sexuality with gorgeous, too perfect models. When teens look at these billboards and posters at the mall they become insecure with how they look and perceive themselves. Teens try to make their skin look like the airbrushed ones on the models or will go on diets so they can be as skinny and look exactly like the model does in the dress. Corporations capitalize on the age old-insecurities and self-doubts of teens by making them believe that to be truly cool, you need their product (Media Smarts). Fashion marketers such as Calvin Klein, Abercrombie & Fitch and Guess use provocative marketing campaigns featuring images of impossibly thin, fit, beautiful and highly sexualized young people that can contribute to feeling of body-hate and self-loathing. (Media Smarts). These young teens do not have a chance of looking like these models that are airbrushed and anorexic, yet they still try to look like them. When they see that brand name on a clothing article they immediately think about that advertisement and that model and want to be like them; therefore, they buy it to feel less insecure about themselves and they believe that they will look more like the model. Teens do not only feel insecure because of these advertisements but it can also be because of their peers. A teen who has no knowledge of how to dress and accessorize in current styles may feel ostracized and alienated (Faber, 2014). In middle schools especially children tend to feel left out from their classmates when they are not wearing the newest or latest clothing fashion of the season.
Second, brand name clothing causes stereotypes, which is already a problem in middle schools and high schools. These stereotypes have a negative effect on teen’s social interactions. It is through fashion that they begin to judge themselves and each other to continue to determine whether they are or are not the ideal image. Fashion branding cause these stereotypes because individuals judge people personalities based on what they are wearing or their clothing style instead of getting to know them. When you walk into a school people already notice the cliques that have formed, and the clothes...

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