Do Not Work At A Place You Love

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Driving down I-25 trying to find a quint place to eat on the side of 120th you’ll find a small cozy Village inn surrounded by comfort Inns and La Quinta hotel trying to give the out of town visitors the at home feel. . Village inn may be cooperate owned restaurant, with roots starting in Colorado in 1958. The food is delicious, and the atmosphere is great when you're a guest, but when being an employee the restaurant is also very different.
Our goal is to give our customers the best experience as possible. Having some kind of deal everyday keeps the restaurant busy, and full of customers. Monday and Tuesday kids eat free, then there is Pie Rush Wednesday, lucky nothing on Thursday, all you can eat fish fry Friday, and well the weekend usually is busy enough with out some sort of sale. In addition to that like many other stores and restaurants today we are open all holidays as well and leaving the staff to work around the clock.
Working in the restaurant though you do get to try all of the great food. The food is delicious with the many different types of skillets you get a huge variety that can be to your liking. Starting with the Chicken-Fried State skillet, an outstanding skillet with glazing country potatoes on the bottom with savory Chicken- fried steak and onions smothered with sausage country gravy. There is also a garden skillet for our vegetarian customers, a medley of onions, mushrooms green peppers broccoli and juicy tomatoes finished with Monterey jack and cheddar cheese, leaving your stomach full and satisfied while being healthy. If you go to village in for a skillet though you must certainly try the ultimate skillet, With two savory smoked bacon strips, and two sausage link, ham mushrooms green peppers with juicy tomatoes and melted cheese just the though makes your mouth watering and leaving you and your stomach happy for the rest of the day.
If you’re not a fan of skillets you must try the strawberry crepes the crepes are Delicious with different and flavors. The crepes are so sweet though you might just want them for dessert though. There’s the Belgium waffles that is almost the size of your head just one is big enough to fill you us. You cannot forget what got Village Inn a household name the buttermilk pancakes, so fluffy and delighting will leave you craving for more. Those are the few amazing breakfast that will knock your socks off, well at least left myself sock less.
If your not in the mood for breakfast though there is the a huge selection of soup, salads and sandwiches for lunch. One of the top sellers being the Turkey beacon avocado sandwich, hand carved, slow-roasted turkey breast with savory hickory smoked bacon spicy pepper jack cheese avocado and tomato and mayonnaise on grilled bread. Then there is the best sandwich hamburger mix you can get, the delectable patty melt, known as a melted masterpiece, with sautéed onions, American and Swiss cheese on grilled marble rye bread. The patty melt is pretty much a...

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