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Do Our Emotions Lead Us To Understand Reality Or Create It?

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"Do our emotions help us in understanding reality or do they lead us to create it?"Asad Ali TayyabIB TOK2nd Draft09-09-09Block 7Ms. Sangeeta KalaWord Count: 994 words"There is an objective reality out there, but we view it through the spectacles of our beliefs, attitudes, and values" (Myers, Online). Reality can be defined in several different ways and Lagemaat divides reality in three different parts: common-sense realism, scientific realism and phenomenalism. Common-sense realism dictates that "the way we perceive the world mirrors the way the world is" (87) while phenomenalism states that "to be is to be perceived" (100) and that all knowledge is based on past experience. The conflict between the two is that common-sense realism takes reality to be objective while phenomenalism describes reality as a subjective experience. If we take common-sense realism to be true, then reality is just understood by us and on the other hand, phenomenalism is a subjective reality and thus, it is created based on our past experiences. However, is there any common-sense realism that is created by us? For example, if we see a chair, we understand that it is an object that is existent and its main purpose is to be sat on but if we use the same chair to hit someone, have we created a new reality?Emotions are tools that contribute and help us to sometimes understand reality while create reality on other occasions. Does this mean that emotions can not help us to create as well as understand reality at the same time? It is possible to create as well as understand reality at the same time. For example, Newton's second law of motion is the creation of a new reality as it was unknown before; however Newton had to ardently understand Aristotle's ideas and laws of nature before he made his conclusions. Hence, he was able to understand the reality and then create his own and his enthusiasm was the tool that led him to create a new reality. So do our emotions help us to understand reality or create it? This is an open ended question which can be debated upon and there will be no one answer to it. Emotions do help us in understanding the reality but the issue is that we do not know whether we are understanding reality or creating it.For example, I was in grade 3 in Indonesia and like every other lunch I was playing hide and seek with my friends. I cheated and made my friend be the seeker. I did not know at that time that all my friends were upset with me because I had cheated. So after the game, everyone in the class was ignoring me and that feeling of sudden loneliness made me realize that something was wrong. I am sure reasoning was involved in reaching the conclusion; however, my emotion of being left out had lead me to understand the reality and it was as if the emotions had ignited my reasoning and this had told me that my friends were ignoring me because of what I had done. Thus, it is true that other ways of knowing play an important role in understanding reality as in...

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